Saturday, 26 December 2009


A merry Christmas to all who read this, well what can I say Boxing Day already - another 364 days till Christmas - let the countdown commence!  Lol!  On reflection it was definitely a tiring day but awesome and amazing as well, a 4.30am start was a little early, we managed to drag out two more hours of bits and bats of sleep before we were dragged into reality at half six!  Part of our Christmas day last year was a gingerbread challenge, we made a Church and all our guests on Christmas day got a gingerbread house to decorate - this year we upped the challenge!  We went all out for a - can you guess what it is yet? 

Something different - that's right we went 4 hours of solid gingerbread baking - 4 batches of pure butter gingerbread, the house smelt divine!  It was something of a hot house and the electricity meter was whizzing like no-ones business! Templates were cut, baked and recut, each piece meticulously measured and remeasured.

Windows cut, greaseproof paper was used, reused and used again and finally we started the construction side - string was an absolute essential factor in this. 

Glorious Gingerbread time to put it together - into what became an enchanted Castle, complete with inner keep, draw bridge, an army of jelly baby guards and snow. It was great fun to make, we had such a ball!

Draw bridge as mentioned

Jelly babies guarding the entrance

Sheer fun - so what did we do for the family?  An eclectic mix of two and three storey houses, some with chimneys, some with flat rooves - all absolute awesome - the most 'amusing' and I did mean to use quote marks was my brothers - what do you think of it - recognise the movie in question?

Need another clue?

No?  Still no good?

Yep you guessed it Bates' Motel! Not very Christmassy - but highly amusing!  Even the marshmallow smoke coming out of the chimney!  We all had much fun and it was a great day - hope everyones was the same!


  1. wow there great, i dont like ginger though :(
    hmmmm wonder if you could make it out of something else

  2. Woweee... these are awesome!!! How on earth could you be bothered.... Wish I had the patience... Love them...x

  3. Wowser! The castle is spectacular! I'm asking myself if Craig cut templates for this??? Sounds like you've had a great Christmas. We made a snowman in the back garden with our son (who is 28!) Good times eh?

  4. Fabulous stuff ... and I am with Liss on the gingerbread thing ... maybe shortcake next time ... yummy!

  5. OMG - your brothers house, LOL! The poor dead sweeties, the carnage... LOL!

    The castle is a triumph, wow and possibly the hardest looking jellybaby in the world gaurding the gateway, well recruited, I wouldn't mess with him! :P

    What fantastic fun Virginia, do you eat it afterwards? I couldn't bear to after all that work!

    p.s thank you for your lovely comments on my blog - the feeling is definitely mutual matey. Blogship rocks!

  6. Oh My, this is the most amazing piece of "cake construction" I have ever seen, absolutely love it