Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Well I'm officially running seriously behind on my Journal your Christmas project, but a 12 hour Tuesday is never easy!  I'm planning on attempting to catch up later on (or maybe tomorrow), in the meantime some non-Christmas related layouts that are in my blog folder but haven't quite made it to my blog!  The first is from our summer holiday, when my son joined in a game of water polo, although got slightly frustrated at their 'anything goes' type rules, mainly because he's level 9 in Water Polo so kind of has an idea of how it should be done! 

Now this layout started out as a single page project done by Sandy Poppins at my local store, we spent considerable time making the large 'matchbooks' with the word 'Leaf', however I loved the project so much it seemed a shame to just turn it into a single page, so I bought an extra couple of papers and turned it into the double page layout.  I cut the saying (which had originally been on printed paper in the class) with my big shot and then did covered in glossy accents. Then managed to find some gorgeous autumnal photos from Portmeirion last year.  Thank you Sandra for a gorgeous page!!!!!!

The second page to the layout!  Don't ask me why there's a gap - no idea - new blogger being naughty!


The double page spread!  You can understand why I had to stretch it to two pages can't you! 

Another holiday layout , this is what happens when your child decides that you've taken enough photos!  This page was difficult because I still don't feel it's finished mainly because of the white space on it!   It's also one of the ways I've used up a vellum title - I love vellum but no matter what glue I use I can always see it (even the especially for vellum tapes) so the title on this was placed behind some torn cardstock and worked like a dream because you couldn't see how I'd adhered it!

Finally the water slide pictures, the stamp is Tim Holtz, the journalling follows the edge of the photos! 

Well I've updated blogger and wow is it hard work or what now!  I assume it will get easier as I get used to it - or maybe not.  Off to work in half an hour, hopefully have a less stressful day today that yesterday.  I help run a volunteer project at work, primarily altering items that can't be sold in our charity shop or making cards to be sold through our social enterprises (not that I'm any cardmaker but I was deemed the resident expert!)  people come along and learn new skills and in exchange for their time we feed them tea and biscuits.  It's turning into a really great group of people who are bringing their own skills with them which has been awesome, we've discovered some great glass painters among them, some hidden card making skills, someone who can turn out the most exquisite bags - the list goes on!  

In exchange for their dedication over recent months, we've decided to help them make a project as a thank you from us, which they can take home with them!  I racked my brain as to what to do that would fit the time slot and skill base and eventually opted for a squash book.  I was taught it years ago by the lovely Sandy Poppins and I've recently done an updated version from UK Scrappers using a circular base.  So that's what we started to make last night!  There was ink everywhere and I think they all thought I'd lost the plot at one point, but by the time we needed to pack away none of them wanted to go, they wanted to stay and finish it!  So might have managed to get a few more hooked!  It's just nice to be able to say 'thank you' in the process.  

So why the stress you say, well I have a counterpart at work and between us we run the group together, unfortunately she wasn't in the office yesterday and I got a text at 4.15pm to say she wasn't feeling great and wasn't going to make it in!  ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All I can say is thank you to my husband who basically did the behind the scenes stuff so that I could direct the class!   


  1. Hey Ginny! Scrapbook pages look great - love that one of Malakite screwing his face up! Also love your adaptation of the Autumn page!!
    Hurry and catch up with your journal - I love seeing how other people celebrate and get ready for Christmas...
    Hugs x x

  2. Love your pages. Especially that autumn one - wow! The saying is just lovely.