Sunday, 15 November 2009


Well it has to be said that my son and my hubby are like "2 Peas in a Pod" hence the title. In fact at the parent's evening we recently attended the teacher who'd not seen my hubby before was so thrown by it that she lost her thread, she hadn't clocked my other half on the way in, so when she looked up from her notes she was astounded and said how much they look alike! They also have the same sense of humour as can be seen in the photos!

The background paper was duly stamped before I added the photos. I have quite a lot of Vellum papers that could be turned into titles from stacks that I've bought, but I always think I can see the tape even when it's designed for vellum, so with the title on this one I scored it and folded it around backing papers to hide the way it was adhered and it worked lovely!
Had a manic weekend Friday night's project class was fab but hard work trying to squeeze it into the time we had LOL - even though I'm known as a fast scrapper! I finally left at 10pm with a half finished book but it had progressed enough to finish it at home! It was a fabulous class from Sandy Poppins in fact if you want to see the book in question pop along, it's on her blog together with photos of the classes she's been teaching!
Saturday morning was spent trying to sort the upstairs we'd made a huge mess whilst decorating sons bedroom - how does that work - you set to with something that should be simple and straight forward and manage to disrupt the entire house! Saturday afternoon was spent Christmas shopping, then today I've ventured down to my local Scrapbook shop for a good look around - I know I was there on Friday but 10pm was a little late for having a thorough look - so I went down with my son who thoroughly enjoyed himself helping Gill sorting the shop and even did a bit of serving behind the till - in fact so much fun that he didn't want to leave! Thank you Gill he had a great time! So busy busy busy and now a bag of goodies to play with! Mmm what to play with first!

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