Saturday, 21 November 2009


This is the lovely project I did courtesy of Sandy Poppins at my local scrapbook shop, I love doing these projects as they are always really great evenings - even if you don't have time to finish it on the night. The only problem I had with this project is that the original template had pockets and tags on the chipboard pages but I loved the papers so much, that I didn't want to cover them up! So the dilemma was how to use the pockets without covering the papers! My solution - to add more pages in between - which seems to have worked really well.

I love how you can go over the top with Christmas stickles at this time of year and these Blonde Moments papers really do lend themselves to some serious stickling!

Loving Santa, more stickles and more glossy accents!

Inside cover - note stickles on snowman's hat LOL!

Here are the new pages after indexed page, I know they look a little plain at the moment, but once I've added photos and journaling they are going to look awesome! I've put three extra pages after each chipboard sheet in red and green papers, then I've added extra embellishments.

And finally somewhere new for the pockets and tags! The book is already bulky so I'll have to be careful when I add photos and journaling but don't you just love it!

Stickles galore!

Well it's Saturday and it's might grey outside, I hate grey days I feel the need to put on all the lights in the house whilst my other half follows me around turning them off. I've no idea how to get the washing dry, we've already managed a trip to the tip and to the Charity Shop so the pool room downstairs is now almost passable with care!
So what to do with the rest of the day, well my sister is coming over - she's feeling as miserable as me, she's got tickets to go to see Skunk Anansie in Leeds tonight but no-one to go with as her friend who was going has bailed out. She's struggling for Christmas gifts and she's feeling somewhat down, so I've invited her over to see if I can cheer her up - bless her!
And finally, just to show off how talented my little brother us (little he's 6 foot 1 inch - how does that work LOL) - this is a photo of him out at Halloween wearing his Masterchief outfit, all the red pieces you see originally started out as a paper template! The whole outfit has taken months and months of preparation and on it's original outing for a Halloween fancy dress competition it just wouldn't do - but further work on the same led to him being able to wear it out on Halloween night! With the lifts in his boots and the head piece on he measured 6 foot 7 inches tall! Doesn't he look awesome!

Leave him a message if you like what you see - I asked if I was OK to put it on my blog!


  1. "little" bro looks awesome and your christmas journal (I think it's a christmas journal, christmas book of some kind anyway) is fabulous! I love going nuts with the glitter and bling this time of year too :)

  2. Whoa! That suit is amazing and looks like it should have cost mega bucks. Talent obviously runs in your family :)

    Love your stickle-tastic book, don't think I would have wanted to cover those papers either :D

  3. Little(!!!)brother looks like he's stepped off a sci-fi movie set! And I love your adaptation to the '12 Days of Christmas' book! Hope to see the pages after you've added your photographs....
    x x

  4. LOVE the book AND the outfit is 'amazing'. Talent is obvious in the family. It's great to go to such inspirational classes. The amount of work and preparation to teach such a class is immense so credit to Sandie.

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog too. In fact, I think I just might have someting for you. If you email me, (I think my email is on my blog) and I will tell you more. The clue is 'TESCO' lol. If you can't find my email, leave another message on my blog and we'll sort something out.