Sunday, 29 November 2009


OK eyes down - here goes - my attempts on instructions for the inside out box. The first one I did I videoed and is here and was based on an oval gift box. This one has been worked on a cylinder which has proved different. It was originally a gravy granules box as you can see from the photo (and yes before you ask I did wash it out first - thankfully it has a waxy coating so it was easy to clean. Remove and dispose of the lid, you then need to cut it in half (this is probably the hardest part of the entire project, trying to get it cut into two equal pieces, on the first one I did, I just had a good guess on this one my other half did some ruler measurements and general mutterings before drawing two lines on it and cutting with a craft knife. Now be warned the knife is sharp and the object is circular - not a great combination - so BE CAREFUL!

Once cut in two, we cut two pieces of grey board to cover the 'halves' and two circles then cut in half for the top and bottom. I adhered this with a fine line of glossy accents and then set too with brown gummed paper (I love this stuff it sorts out any blips), we bought it at an art shop but I have seen another type in a large craft store. You just sponge the gummed side and adhere - alternatively you could do the same with normal paper etc in a paper mache sort of way.

I left it to dry thoroughly overnight and then baby wiped paint onto it all over (two coats in total) but by using the baby wipe it didn't take long to dry!

I then cut three strips of paper, this time I had the sense (and understanding) to use double sided papers, last time I was amazed to find that I could see the white side when I rolled it LMAO and had to do some careful painting, inking etc to resolve the problem - well you live and learn. I cut two pieces at 3cm and one at 4cm (because I liked the fish on the paper - no logic), and trimmed them to seven inches long (yes I know I'm combining imperial and metric - go figure, these measurements will obviously only be any good for this size cylinder). I inked all the edges with broken china ink on both sides so they looked like this. Are you with me so far?

Now this bit might look complicated but its not, the first think to be aware of is that the paper that hugs the circular part of the tube is NOT stuck down to the circular part of the tube as the paper needs to move both ways. Therefore you need to fold over a small edge on the left of the 3cm pieces and on the right of the 4cm piece. Attach double sided tape to the underside and stick down to the pieces as shown below, I'm assuming this is similar to making a Jacob's ladder book as the premise is the same. I did originally consider using ribbon, but to be honest it was slipping too much and I got grumpy with it.

Wrap the paper around the cylinder and fold again, don't fold too tight to the cylinder, give it a little lea way
, my first attempt was a little over zealous and I had to do some adjustments, the second attempt was similar and I ended up with my other half being a second pair of hands to put this together.
Now be aware that on a cylindrical box - the offset is quite noticeable once it's done - but I like this anyway so I don't care - in other words when it's in its normal position from the top it looks like a cylinder when you've rotated it right round it has more of a look of two semi circles slightly offset - I know now I'm waffling however, there are photos below to show what I mean. This isn't as noticeable on the oval box don't ask me why go figure!
Anyway you need to attach the ends of the paper to the other side of the box, this means attaching double sided tape to the opposite side of the paper. If you following what I've done below you'll get it right! The first box I put together I placed the two halves next to each other and stuck the flaps down, this time my other half helped me and we pressed it together like a cylinder, to be honest, there isn't much to choose between them and the first method doesn't need a second pair of hands, so I suggest that one.

Once this is adhered, the outside will look like this

And then rolled around the other way the other way the outside looks like this!

This is the view from the top the way it's made

This is the offset thing I was talked about when it's fully the other way!

You can then decorate the inside with paper (don't go too close to the edge where the paper is stuck if using a cylinder, as the paper needs some room for movement) you can then add photos and journaling, rub ons etc. The key thing to remember is that you can't use any three dimensional embellishments on the rolling part of this - just on the top. I hope you like this project and hope the instructions make some sense, if anyone is struggling and wants my help then leave me a comment and I'll see if I can enhance the instructions. If you do make one, please let me know I'd love to see others interpretations of it!

Wow - it's been a busy weekend, I'm on with loads of Christmas gifts at the moment and today was Christmas pudding day. Every year for the last few years we've made our own Christmas pudding, my other half has started soaking fruit in rum for a Christmas cake so we had that aroma wafting around the kitchen first thing, I on the other hand made the Christmas pudding, a low fat recipe I've had for a few years, it's delicious and takes about ten minutes to put together and fifteen minutes to cook, I only have to add a tablespoon of rum to it over the next few weeks and it'll be fabulous for Christmas day. We've had a better weekend this weekend although it's gone far too fast. I've got a few finished items to put on my blog and I've warned family to stay clear or else, so I'll start putting them on this week. If you pop by to have a look leave me a comment, it's lovely to hear what people think.


  1. Thanks for the instructions Virginia. Wonder if this would work with a pringles tube..... especially as I don't have an OH to mutter and draw lines for me, lol.

  2. I'm definitely having a go at this though it may be after Christmas. I think the instructions will be perfect once I start following them, I'm one of those people that reading instructions doesn't compute till I start doing the thing alongside the instructions and then the 'ohhhhh!' moment clicks in ;) Thank you so much for taking the time to do these for us Virginia :)