Thursday, 12 November 2009


Another art journal double page, this one was hard work as a prepared it in advance and then didn't know what to do with it LOL. I used images cut from magazines, the 'face' was actually a photo of a planet - but swineflu has robbed me of the memory of which one LOL!

Must learn to stick images down better look at all those ripples - what am I like. The face was the main face from this year's pumpkin, my hubby found inspiration on the internet and I've used some of it to capture this year's 'face' forever in my journal! And yes that is Christmas gold stickles you see - they were on the desk next to me! Maybe the words 'step away from the sparkly stuff'' might be sensible!

Struggled with the title, I pencilled it in, then made it 3-d, then painted over it, then painted over it again, then mixed in some copper paint and repainted it - do you get it now I wasn't happy, then I repainted the 3-d shadow which isn't great but it'll do and finally I made my hubby prize the paint out of my hand!

Basic grey Journey stamp, Blonde Moments star stamp and then a Tim Holtz date stamp! Picture below shows more glittery stickles - maybe I'm just getting festive!

Close up of all those merged stamps, I stamped in saddle brown and expresso and the freehand painted border at the bottom.

Finally returned to work yesterday, not that I'm better I might add but the in tray was full to bursting! So yesterday was a very tiring day, I wonder if my energy levels will return - ever! Still struggling with mojo, but did discuss some new ideas last night with hubby and if we manage to get some chipboard I may just be able to start on them. One idea in particular I'm doing in triplicate so that should prove interesting because although I'm documenting one occasion I'm making it for various people - don't you love these cryptic clues! Mind you I won't be able to make all three the same I never can it just proves too boring so I always insist on varying them! I also need to sort a photo order out so I've got pictures for said present - quite giddy about it though. Also want to do an altered canvas, but want to incorporate a photo, I'm not good enough a painter to paint the contents of the photo, but don't want to make the canvas look like I've simply stuck a photo to it, so having a re-think at the moment!

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  1. Well someones Mojo looks like it's made a HUUUGE return :D I love your ripply face, very textural nicer than all flat and neat in my opinion anyway.

    Can't wait to see what you are up to in triplicate!