Sunday, 1 November 2009


Well here's an altered children's board book, since I've learnt to dismantle and reassemble with my bind it all (courtesy of Voodoo Vixen) I'm much happier with the finished results. I grabbed loads of different papers, in blues and reds.

The original book was quite chunky so I've used inch and quarter wires (which I love) it still needs more ribbons on the wire. I've used red stickles and attached red and white flowers throughout the book.

Together with a few bits of ribbon

I tried to co-ordinate the pages so there was a 'torn' piece of paper on the opposite page to match - if you know what I mean.

I managed to use some papers that I would never think of using with a 12 x 12 layout - particularly the strange random snowmen.

And the presents

Love this page - very Christmassy

After I finished it I stood back to admire the work and then think - who am I going to give it to? Then thought - what about me, a little book for me to document something at Christmas - so this ones for keeps!
I'm currently on with a recipe book and I've just finished another art journal page. So still plenty to keep me busy!
It's the 1st November and I've woken up to a miserable grey sky and rain, other half is supposed to be putting the final shelf inside some wardrobes we've built this morning so I can start filling them, but apparently it's going to be sunny at 3pm this afternoon when said shelf has been scheduled. The room seems to have taken all week (I know it hasn't but it just feels that way) and we're still only part way through.
End of the half term week and my 9 year old has had to suffer the taunts of the kids in the neighbourhood just being mean, he goes to the nearest catholic school rather than the nearest school, so the kids around here don't know him from school and can be quite mean. It's difficult as a mother to stand back but I know he has to learn to fight his own battles - bless him - still doesn't stop me from wanting to step in or give the other kids a dressing down for being mean.
Mind you it's confirmed that my gut instinct to send him to a catholic school was correct with some of the vile comments they've come out with this week, my 9 year old has had to come and ask what they meant. The one that riled me the most and sent me off the deep end was the "Anyone whose over the age of 8 and hasn't got a mobile phone is gay!" - When my little lad came to ask what they meant I explained what it meant to be gay and then ranted that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay and that we have friends and family who are and whom he knows. I then went into rant mode about living your life by materialistic items doesn't lead to happiness - don't know how much he took on board but he knew I was cross. When they taunted him again he said "I know what gay means, it's when a man loves another man or a woman loves another woman" that shut the little toe rags up - but then one said "No it means happy" - another moment for me to jump off the deep end. So I asked him "So they were saying anyone over 8 without a mobile phone is happy?" the penny dropped! Honestly it's all just a little too much sometimes. Mind you they all apparently have a mobile phone, including one of them whose 4! I said "who on earth would he want to phone or text at 4!" to which my other half laughed "Can you imagine his texts at 4!" - do parents really think this is appropriate, particularly when we don't know the long term effects of mobile phones - obviously they do! It's definitely been a testing half term. Anyway end of rant - hope everyone's day is brighter than my grey one! Might go and do some of that Christmas shopping today - might cheer me up!


  1. This is a lovely book and I'm glad you have decided to keep it.

    Glad you are able to talk to your son like you do. I agree with you when you ask - what on earth does a 4yr old need with a phone - There are few occasions when a child would need a phone (my niece became disabled at 10 and I got her a phone so that she could contact her school driver cos the school didn't allow the use of their phone) and if they do all they require is a very basic one - not all singing/dancing fashion accessories.

    Toni :o)

  2. It seems like the in thing at the moment and the word of choice for insults. DD2 started saying it to DD1 a while ago and I soon put a stop to it. I asked her if she even knew what it meant and she admitted she didn't which I then had to have a whole discussion about not using words she doesn't know. I then explained to her what it DID mean and asked her if I should tell her Aunty that basically she'd been using her way of life as an insult which upset her quite considerably. She'd known my sister had a gf but not that people used that as an insult. She is 8 too and also not allowed a mobly. Eldest at 12 has one but that's a safety issue with other stuff going on and it's only for emergencies as she well knows (arguments we've had over that is a whole other comment)

    I don't think it's a case of always what school they go to but how they are treated at home too, what they pick up there. Some of the kids at the girls schools are total horrible little ratbags and the language I wouldn't use myself. But others are so lovely and it's a pleasure to talk to them :)

  3. This is great! I really do love it!

  4. Lovely book Virginia. I know what you are going through. We had to move house because of my son being bullied. Some lads made his life a misery. I remember one Christmas Eve, coming home late and my daughter being in with a few friends, one of whom was the ring leader in the bullying of my son. I threw him out of the house!! My daughter was shocked at my actions but when I explained why, she understood. Buy my son has had the last laugh, he's a doctor, on the PCT and is a high flyer, whilst the ring leader now stacks shelves in a supermarket. Still children don't understand do they, just keep encouraging him and supporting him as best you can, it does end, honestly.

  5. There is a massive difference between 4 and 10. And a four year old child, able bodied or otherwise, shouldn't be in a position to ever need a mobile for security issues.