Monday, 16 November 2009


White space is one of those things that I don't normally 'do' very well! So when I set to on this one I knew it was going to be a challenge, however I persevered and I'm really pleased with the results. The paper is a K & Company paper, that I've added a Tim Holtz stamp around the edges (couldn't leave it completely blank LOL), I've journalled around the edges of the photos and am overall pleased with the effect.

A busy busy Monday, I've come home exhausted and mentally a little tired so not sure how much crafting is going to be had tonight. I sent a huge photo order off yesterday so can't wait until that arrives as I've got a few projects planned. I'm still trying to finish off my Friday night project as I'm altering it slightly from the original idea and I'm sure I've still got a heap of things on my Christmas list to make and do!


  1. It's a erfect LO if you ask me. Great white space. As for that huge to do list - one thing at a time, and when you're tired, hey, stop! (My entire life built on this philosophy, I'm only about 18 years behind my to do list now!!)

  2. I really like this. Good choice of paper, the blue of the sky on the photos almost Match it. I'm rubbish at white space, it's like a nervous tic. Keep sticking till it's all covered :D

  3. Lovely page.. along with the one in your last post... great titles too! look forward to seeing how you've altered the '12 Days' project.. hurry up and finish!
    Hugs x