Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Finally got around to photographing a couple of recent art journal pages in my A3 journal, I really enjoyed this page and love how I can keep returning to them and adding a little more until I feel it is finally done. I used some chipboard letters to create the title by drawing around them and filling them in, I initially wasn't keen on the uniformity of the letters - but they've grown on me!

I used a Tim Holtz time mask on the page and also used some vinyl stickers that can be repositioned so great for using as a mini mask on the page and inexpensive to boot. The large image on this page actually stopped midway up the hair - so I've had to paint in the extra bits - not something I would normally attempt but the growing confidence in art journaling means that I feel able to! Plus I know if I get it wrong I can keep going on it until I'm happy!

I've used both gold ink and broken china distress inks on this page with the masks. I've also painted the outfit as the original image was primarily black

Not doing very well on the mojo front at the moment, it seems to have left the building with the onset of the dreaded swineflu but I'm hoping it's going to return soon - if anyone finds it on their travels I'd love to receive it back! It's so difficult to photograph these pages so I've done a couple of macro shots to show some of the detail - I love it when the pages sparkle - not that you can tell from the photos!

The gold ink although not very strong certainly adds a further dimension to the page.
We had parents evening last night which is always a little daunting but little man's current teacher is great and really made us feel quite upbeat, such a change from the last parent's evening we had when we were told he needed to "toughen up" as he is quite sensitive. His new teacher has taken a different tack and as a result he's stopped being so sensitive and is taking more of an active part in class - just goes to show how important it is to get the right teacher!


  1. Brilliant news about your son and definitely agree that the teacher can just make all the difference, well done on DS for putting in the hard work.

    These pages are gorgeous I can't believe you are not confident about your painting - you are so good at it, I would never know you had altered either one of those pictures if you hadn't said - even clicking for a closer nosy.

  2. Love your background, really beautiful.