Saturday, 17 October 2009


Well I'm biting the bullet and putting this on my blog, despite it's slightly risque elements LOL a lot of you have just said put it on! This has to be my favourite layout from my A3 art journal to date, I love the colours, the images, the Tim Holtz masks - just about everything on the pages I like! Me and my other half have been together for 19 years and we go from strength to strength, true soulmates, we just 'know' how the other one ticks - all the time! I know when he's about to arrive home before the car arrives, I know when he's texting before he texts. He knows how to make me feel absolutely fabulous and we just work - anyone who knows us knows that this is the case and I know how absolutely precious this is and I am thankful every day for this. As souls we merge so completely - we walk along similar paths and just 'know' how the other is feeling - we can stretch out our minds and touch each other even when we are apart!

Just to tell you how amazing he is, he's currently stood in the kitchen (a few feet from me) making Forest Fruit muffins at the moment whilst I'm doing my blog, he just thought they'd be nice, this morning he cut loads of templates out for Christmas gifts I'm on with and he made pancakes for our little one, then he glued some frames to books that I'd finished. We went for a walk in the village we live in and then this afternoon when I complained of being chilled to the bone, I went for a bath and he brought me a cup of tea whilst I was soaking my bones - like I said truly awesome!

The risque picture - is actually a picture of Mickey Rourke and I just love the raw sexual energy of the photo - it really lends itself to the layout and the passion I feel for my fantastic relationship.

Hope no one is offended - but like I said - it's my favourite page to date and if you like it leave a message!


  1. Hehehe. It is a naughty picture isn't it? But then he is a naughty boy if all the stories are to be believed. i love these pages and I love what they say to - again, I can totally understand where you are coming from.

    I love what you did with that mask - I looked at that one but didn't know how I would use it so got the cobweb one instead (surprise, surprise) It really suits this page :)

    Thank you for showing it to us.

  2. I love your pages Virginia.......
    I read your post & really felt you were writing about me & my other half! That is exactly how we are... we just click together like a jigsaw.
    Not seen you for ages at scrapbooking class, We must be on different weeks.
    Take care. xxx

  3. Wow its fab!!
    Go you, you have an amazing relationship and it should be celebrated :D
    J xx

  4. wonderful, both you page and your relationship...lucky girl :0)

  5. Hey girlie, look at you go now...!!!! woop de f**king woop, you've got it.. xx

  6. Oh and dont forget, its your journal , you can say and do whatever you want and bollocks to every one else...!!!