Thursday, 15 October 2009


I love this layout from my A3 art journal - it's the first double page spread I did in it and had immense fun cutting up the free magazine from our local supermarket to get the great images! (Well most of them) - I've always enjoyed my food (usually a little too much) but I use food when I'm down, when I'm happy, when I'm emotional, when I'm sad, etc LMAO - pretty much regardless!!!!!! Therefore I'm always 'on a diet' or enjoying the high life when I'm 'off the diet' which seems to be a weekly occurrence. I know it's such a bad way to be - so this page was just to show how difficult life can be with tempting food! Hence the title 'Tempted' and also the reason for the gun wielding heroine in the corner.

The biggest problem I had once the page was completed was that I showed the page to people and all they said was "YUM!!" - now is that helpful. I even managed a bit of hand painting at the bottom of the page.

The funniest thing when I was doing the page is that it didn't feel finished, no matter what i did, adding little bits, hand painting, highlighting words - nothing seemed to finish it. Then I painted the green border, stamped around the edge with a Blonde Moments arrow stamp and coloured every other arrow in and then I sat back and said - "Yeah now it's finished" I'm enjoying sharing my pages, I've got one I adore but it has a slightly risque picture on it and don't want to offend anyone LOL - so might have to retain that one for friends eyes only! Might be able to share the left hand page of that one though? Mmmmm now there's a thought!


  1. Love it - it's fab! I'd love to have a go at something like this, but my artistic skills are zero, I'm afraid.

    I think you should share the risque one - I'm intrigued!

  2. Oh I'm so going to have to come back and look at all your pages. I can really identify with this one having pretty much the same relationship with diets as yourself :D I really want to start a journal but have no clue where to start. I would LOVE to see the risque one ;)

    And my desk... already it is not so neat as it was yesterday - but that can only be good right? Right? Can you tell my OH that? :P

  3. What stunning journal pages you have created, love every one.

  4. Sorry but..... YUM! Fabulous journal page