Friday, 16 October 2009


Another art journal page, this one was harder work because I mixed the base colours and then wondered what I was thinking, I was stood chatting to my sister when I did it and was that busy chatting I wasn't concentrating on what I was doing LMAO! Then declared that I couldn't do anything with it - but never defeated I left it came back to it, found pictures of famous people looking slightly vulnerable, used a Tim Holtz mask and then sat down and had a rant!

I felt much better once I'd done that and got two great journal pages out of it to boot, most therapeutic! Dyan from Art from the Heart says that we should get art journaling on the NHS and I'm tempted to agree with her! These are again in my A3 art journal!

People always think that I'm an open book and that I've not changed since I was younger and no matter how many times I show them the changes they still revert back to the original 'me' which is always a little frustrating, so this page was done after such an occasion, I was feeling vulnerable and cross!

Now the risque one is still sat waving at me, do I dare share it? My other half reads the Empire magazine and so I get some great images out of them, albeit that they are mainly from films or of celebrities, the image in question is a little black and white number of Mickey Rourke and a female not wearing an awful lot of clothing, but I loved the image, it was fabulous so I used it - might be brave and bare my soul!
Had a good day today, been painting books, ironing and art journaling, the ironing wasn't so great, but I'm pleased with the art journal pages up to now! Got a whole weekend stretching out in front of me - bliss!!!!! Hope everyone has a grand weekend!

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  1. Again, gorgeous! Definitely want to see the other one after all these descriptions of it :P