Friday, 23 October 2009


As I've had the foresight to think ahead for Christmas and start the making process I'm finding that I'm actually achieving some of the things on my list. Usually I have a grand plan of all the things I want to make and then spend too long thinking about them to actually make them. Therefore this year I've actually made a start on the list. As anyone who reads my blog knows I love this mini book design it lends itself to any papers and was designed by Annette of Voodoo Vixen fame - the instructions for the same can be found here , it has pages, small tags, big tags and pages to put journaling and photos on - you can make it as full or as minimalist at you like!

The inside of the book has a BIA mini book on the left and pockets on the right. The pockets have big tags inside and small pockets on the front with smaller tags inside!

I was going for a sophisticated female look on this one, so pale pink papers, black cardstock and lovely Tim Holtz stamps that I bought from Dyan at AFTH when I saw her at the Great Northern Papercraft Show in September together with some Blonde Moments stamps that I've had for an age but work so well on everything! The best part of the book is when you fold it out and everyone goes - wow how does it do that!

Hoping the recipient will like it! I put a bit of fake stitching around the edges and it was all done - so another one ticked off the list!
Hope everyone is having a great Friday - I've got to walk round to the Doctors, take 9 year old to Works in Meadowhall to buy a music stand and then try and find my hair dressers this afternoon - I've never driven there since she moved and it's out of the way in an area I don't know so fingers crossed and make it and find my way back


  1. Wow, you've made a great job of this!

  2. Wow, I love this soooooo my colours lol, Have just blopped over to annettes to have a looksee and am gonna play later, Thanks for Sharing xxx

  3. Love the book - its sooo pink and girly... I have to make 14 mini books for the Brownies to record their centenary year... Why oh Why did I volunteer for that!!!!... Have a good day and I hope you find your hairdresser ok - I find that since we bought TomTom last year being (totally) lost is a thing of the

  4. Lovely - I am sure the recipicant will love it - I would lol

  5. Looking beautiful Virginia, great colour combo on this version!!