Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Well when I started art journaling and I took inspiration from the interent it was hard to tell how big were! I assumed (as usual) the bigger the better! So when I recently saw Dyan from Art from the Heart fame (I'm not worthy I'm not worthy) state she'd started a new HUGE journal - when I read it was A4 I sat for a little while with my jaw on the floor in disbelief, then when I'd dealt with this information I did wonder what she would make of my journal which is an A3 pad of paper and each page more or less is a double page spread as Dyan would say LMAO!!!!!!!! So I thought I'd share this one with you!!!!

The aeroplane right next to the building is awesome and real!

The car and the title make sense of life at the moment! Now what do you think? Is an A3 art journal too big!!!!!!


  1. Nah - that is the perfect size ... How else would you get a real plane on the page! Love your journalling BTW ... keep it coming ... I may even start one :0)

  2. I agree with Linda, I lurve big. But I carry 4 of my journals with me all the time ( you know, just in case, lmao ) and 3 full pencil cases so think an A3 would just tip me over the edge. I do journal A3 size at home on single sheets and canvas's and then spend at least 3 wks doodling on them and tarting them up, so at the moment the smaller is better at getting all the crap out.
    Anyway you know what I say, bollocks to it all, there are no rules as far as I am concerned. Ooh just had a thought, what about Art Journaled wall paper..????? lmao..!!!! xx

  3. No mate, too big just doesn't come into it when you're expressing yourself so artfully. Am totally woth you tho - have assumed forever that Dyan's journals were a sort of minimum A4!!