Thursday, 29 October 2009


When the Matrix film first came out we loved it with a passion (still do really) we were so amazed at the cinematography that we insisted on going to the pictures several times to see it. We loved the hidden depths of the film the little bits that made you think twice, the correlation to Alice in Wonderland was also something that really appealed! So the red pill or blue pill question in the film resembling the Eat Me Drink Me scenario in Alice in Wonderland is a favourite scene! Sometimes the option to go back to the place where you don't know the full picture would surely be a simpler option (albeit blinkered) the pill that takes you into a new area of revelation is surely one to test you - even though with it, it brings new knowledge - so here's my page documenting the same!

I was fortunate (via dear husbands film mags) to find a picture of Morpheus sat on the formidable armchair when he gives Neo the choice, with a little discrete painting I managed to omit the writing that adorned part of the chair! I then used a female character from another film (Watchmen) to balance the double page spread. Some serious paintwork, silver pen and journaling quotes from the film and the relevance to my life made the page complete!

Close up of second page

Well what an awesome 24 hours, last night I went to see Pink at the Sheffield arena, with my hubby, my 9 year old son, my 10 year old niece (her first gig) and my awesome sister. We had good seats and the gig was absolutely amazing! A 2 hour stage set with various costume changes, dancing, acrobatics and live singing! The stage set was for her funhouse tour and therefore resembled an old fashioned fair. We were all on a high when we came out (and I wasn't too deaf for a change (used to Rock concerts which mean seriously ringing ears post gig).
Then today we went to Chatsworth to walk around the gardens and see the 'Beyond Limits' sculptures before they go at the end of the weekend. The day has been awesome, it was fantastic to be outside looking at art, enjoying natures colours at this time of year, spending some much needed quality time together. We all enjoyed the exploring and the weather stayed dry for us! Not been home long, but can't see it being a late night as we're all absolutely shattered!


  1. I went to see Pink at the O2 in April as part of the same tour. It was the first time I had seen her live. What an amazing experience. I just loved that bit where they somehow made the stage go black and white like a creepy old movie, I think that was my favourite part. I actually got quite emotional at the end when they lowered her into the water tank and then spun her round, spraying the audience. My sister is going again in December when she is back at the O2. Can't tell you how jealous I am ;)

    Love this page and love the way you've described the film. Do you know - I've only seen The Matrix once and the Alice in Wonderland theme never occurred to me. I will have to watch it again.

  2. Sounds like you're enjoying half term! Great page Virginia - you're putting me to shame, churning all these out - It takes me weeks to do one!
    X X

  3. Love your pages ..great idea the writing too ... it just makes it.

    Even at my age I love Pink and am quite envious of your evening out.

  4. I love your 2 page spread.... you have definately made me want to watch the matrix again....