Sunday, 25 October 2009


Well I'm having a tidy up in my blog folder so thought I'd put the remainder of the images in there which will hopefully prompt me to take some more photos later! I've got a few new things to show including some more journal pages, a few more Christmas gifts, possibly a tutorial on the box frame book (if I've taken enough images), Christmas cards and a couple of layouts.

I did a scrapbook class recently at my local Scrapbook shop and it was a double page layout, I'd forgotten how much fun double pages were so when I came home I managed to sort a few pages out. The first documents my son's main birthday present, a Lego ferry with opening bow doors and a loading ramp it's part of the Lego Creator set and took a whole week of evenings to build - usually once made as per the book it is quickly deconstructed to be used for some imaginary vehicle but I did warn him he wasn't to do that with this one as it had taken such an age to build!!!! and we'd all ended up getting involved in making it!

Using up older papers the papermania ones I've had forever, in fact they were the first set I bought and I've still got some, combined it with some K & Company papers (which I lurve) including the text parts of the pages.

Close up of the second page, notice tongue hanging out whilst construction in progress - he's so like his Mother!

Another double page, wasn't as happy with this one, but it documents the moment. We went to Weston Park museum in the summer nad there's a computer where you can 'build' your own creature which is then let go into a 'world' to see if it can survive. My little lad loved making it but it lasted all of one minute when released - something to do with a flying animal not being able to swim! The photos weren't great but we had so much fun I had them printed anyway!

Close ups, I used a new set of alphabet stamps for the title but it didn't stand out, so re-printed on little chips of card and stuck them over the top which made it far better!

Other page closer

Finally, sometimes when I get a new 'toy' I go all out, I bought some stitching templates recently and decided to use on this layout, I sat punching holes galore in the page, turning it round and punching more as I went until I'd filled a whole side! It took me hours to stitch and used more than one skein of embroidery thread - teach me for being so clever LOL! Anyway another picture taken on the same day as the trip to Weston Park of the new Sheffield Ferris Wheel or Sheffield Eye or that big circular thing in the middle of town! (even though it was constantly referred to as the London Eye by said child).
So that's it for now, all my images blogged, need to grab the camera and photo some more! Had a great evening last night, sat art journaling with my other half and my son until 11pm (where did the time go). My hubby decided to start his own art journal and not to be outdone by his wife he's started on an A2 pad! Wow imagine the size of the images if you did a double page spread - now there's a thought - goodness knows where we're going to keep it!


  1. *g* Good for hubby but trust a man to make it all about size :D :D

    I'm another who needs to stick their tongue out to concentrate, apparantly I do it while reversing the car too - it must work as I am far better at reversing into spaces than I am at just driving in ;)

    All that effort and thread was so worth it - that stitching look sfabulous!

  2. LOL men are just obsessed with size, aren't they?! Love the LOs and the stitching is a work of art, even if it did take forever.