Friday, 30 October 2009


I did the background a while ago and decided to use two very different images. Sometimes I seem to spend my life grumpy and miserable - aspiring to have happier, calmer more serene times! So here is my page to capture that. I'm not naturally grumpy or miserable so when I'm feeling like this things aren't great, just recently it's been other peoples decisions that affect me or will affect me if they follow their decisions that have led to my frustrations. Now I know what everyone will say - someone else's decision is theirs to make and I'll have to deal with it - but that just doesn't wash and leaves me feeling grumpy and miserable. I had a whole week feeling like this but now I'm just enjoying today, I'll worry about tomorrow when I get there.

I love the colours on the pages and the Tim Holtz stamp just finished it off lovely! Once again I found myself tattooing the female - this is becoming obsessive!

I was going to put some Dame Edna glasses on the old man but then thought better of it! I didn't feel happy or amusing - I just felt grumpy - so I left him just the way he was!


  1. Love the writing - really great style!

  2. great page, love the subject. I can really relate to what you mean.

  3. I know what you mean. Other people's decisions DO affect us and yes, we can only control our decisions and our reactions but still, what other people do and how they react does impact on our feelings. Deep breath, grit your teeth and keep smiling, this too will pass. Great journal pages. x

  4. Ooh I missed this one. I'm another who can relate to this and let other peoples moods affect me to often.

    Where did your book tutorial go?

    I don’t know if you ‘do’ the award thing - you have one waiting for you on my blog :P