Monday, 26 October 2009


I loved these images when I found them, they ooze attitude - hence the title. This is another double page spread in my A3 journal and I'm really happy with the finished results, the images were a nightmare to cut out but they look awesome for spending that little bit of extra time on them! I've also discovered my obsession with 'tattooing' my images by stamping on them - hence the tattooed word 'Joy' running down her leg!
This image was unbelievably difficult to cut out but well worth the effort not to snip through the ribbons!

As you can see I used my favourite blonde moments stamp around the edges, on one side the stars and on the other the semi-circular border. I used acrylic paints in the background together with stampin over the top! Overall really pleased with the end results.


  1. That red one must have been really fiddly - fantastic images like you say though. Love the tattooing ;)

  2. Those colours are so powerful - your pages looks amazing. Really like the gold star boarder too.

  3. LOL... you get the award for patience because I would have fut them off and drawn them in later!! ;) Love the 'feel' of these, will be a fab book!

  4. Wow - they look great! I'm very cackhanded with cutting out fiddly images, so kudos to you!