Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Well here's a double page I did one evening when my sister was over, we had a great evening art journaling and chatting. We had tea and whiled away a great evening with a couple of glasses of wine thrown in for good measure! However, the demon wine has a lot to answer for when it comes to journaling - it makes me write waffle! I did this double page and then I read it back the following morning to find an immense amount of rhubarb written on the page. It took two days to fathom out how to recover it!

Thankfull I did manage it - I managed to change what I'd written to look like a quote from the woman on the page! Phew! Told my other half to never allow me to do journaling post wine LOL!

I've tattooed the picture again - this is getting to be quite a habit! I love all things vampire so the mirror in the picture seemed quite apt!

Had a great scrapbooking class last night at my local shop, but was asked if I was back "on form" - not sure to be honest, maybe I'm a little quieter at the moment but got a lot rattling through my brain so maybe I'm slightly more contemplative and less loud?


  1. Oooh I'm with you on all things vampire but you will have to fight Paige and me for Bill ;)

    Love this page, love the tattooing - actually thought it was part of the picture.

  2. LOL...love the idea. Very clever. TFS.

  3. Wow this is absolutely fabulous - I love it...Kirsti x