Wednesday, 21 October 2009


This is my very first picture in my very first art journal that I did a while ago, I am probably the least able person I know when it comes to drawing (I used to clean out the art room in my art lessons because I was so useless). The thing is as I've got older I discovered being 'arty' didn't mean that you had to be able to draw a fine portrait it meant using your creative side! So although my first art journal page was daunting it also broke down some barriers that I'd built myself! I did this page after watching many Suziblu videos on the internet - that girl is addictive. Now my more recent influence is most definitely Dyan from Art from the Heart and as I'm walking this path I'm starting to find my own style and it's kind of exciting and fun and enjoyable and varied! So I haven't used my 'character' again but I'm sure she'll come back into her own in the future.

This is the inside front cover of my journal, no words, just a gorgeous picture, Tim Holtz grungeboard wings, a torn up book (my favourite) and sum black stars!

Thanks for looking, I've got a few new pages in my A3 journal to share - but not got round to photographing them yet LOL!


  1. I keep thinking about taking a Suzi Blu class. It's so fascinating see how your style is changing and evolving. I tried to explain the drawing thing to my middle daughter the other day - she gets so frustrated with herself but loves art. In the end I plonked her down in front of the pc and bought up loads of Picasso pictures and asked her if it was art. She said yes. I asked her in what way was any of it a perfect picture of a person and that no matter what she came up with it would always be HER art. I think she got what I was trying to say... less temper outbursts the last few days when she has been drawing anyway ;)

  2. Looking very good Virginia, i'm no good at drawing either, but I understand you just have to keep practicing, however, love your page, it comes from the heart.