Sunday, 5 July 2009


Well I'm going to apologise in advance for the size of this posting, but I didn't want to miss any of the photos. We recently went to a fantastic family wedding and had a great day out. We were subsequently invited to a birthday get together for Clare (the bride) this weekend and so I thought it would be nice to make a "mini-book" the first photo shows you the "mini book" please note the metal ruler below LOL!

Yes that is a twelve inch ruler you see - I think Supersized comes to mind! The inside of the box looks like the following photo. Thankfully my husband is almost as mad as I am so when I come up with these whimsical ideas and make the odd comment like - can you make me a box for it - he always agrees - no matter how insane it might seem at the time!

This photo below shows the mini-books removed to show the compartments in their detail and the different mini books I made! Believe it or not this was still just an idea in my head on Thursday - I started the mini books on Thursday night, worked throughout Friday on them, my husband made the box Friday night! Then we both worked simultaneously on it for the majority of Saturday - ready for the party!

The mini-book below includes some of the fun things that had been said during the day - in all honesty it was my favourite - but I did have to fight with the thing when I was making it, eventually settling on an accordian insert which was only fastened on one side!

A shot of the inside, shows the pages inked, with torn paper, photos and little fun prompts!

Next, a little book documenting lots of the comments put on the group on facebook that was set up post wedding! I thought it would be good to document as they are likely to disappear into time if they're not written down!

The inside of the book was made of simple pages accordian style initially but then stuck together to literally create a book!

The next one is the heart mini book - I had a fight with this it's absolutely gorgeous but it was so tiny - I really wasn't sure how I'd be able to use it, but then separated out the memories of the bride and groom of the day - and documented them separately. Even though they technically didn't 'fit' - because I'd mounted the comments on black cardstock it didn't detract from the heart shape!

Inside the heart book!

This believe it or not was a children's board book I'd had for ages - I gave up on these a while ago - because the area where the two pages meet always play up - no matter what I do to try and cover them! Then Annette (Voodoo Vixen) posted one on her blog saying she just takes them apart and uses her bind it all! Genius - thank you Annette - this book of all of them was the one I enjoyed making the most!!!

One of the shots of the inside of the book - I love this photo!

I had some left over photos of the evening with people dancing and being generally very happy! But I didn't want to leave them out, so I grabbed a little playing card tin with some ATC's and used them to record the night, with added embellishments they worked great!

Inside the tin!

And with the cards laid out!

Yet another Annette (Voodoo Vixen) inspired book - this one is her organiser that I've done twice before as a mini book and it works so well - it's great if you've got loads of photos to incorporate, Annette's was originally an organiser with a notebook on the left, I simply swapped that for extra pages to create an additional mini book! If you go to Annette's blog she has the instructions on there!

The inside of the book shows the bind it all mini book on the left and pockets to the right, their are additional pockets with tags in on the front of each of the pockets and I've also used the back of the pockets to record more photos.

The mini book open

The pocket's opened!

The back page!

The book with it's pocket's folded out - this is the bit where everyone goes - aaaah - when you show them how great it looks!

Two shots now of the book with it's contents.

And finally jut to show how patient my husband is! This is the box - work in progress late on Friday night (we stopped at midnight).

The book insert - made Saturday morning

In all honesty we were still in the making situation until about an hour before we left for the party last night! Then my dear dear husband photographed it all for me - as giving it away means I don't have it as a reference. I wrapped it up in shiny silver paper and Clare the birthday girl and her new husband Paul were absolutely overjoyed with it! I've now been asked to do a wedding album with their official photos - for which I feel extremely humbled! Now the question is are we officially mad - we were told we were on several occasions yesterday - but like I said not mad exactly just eccentric - all we need is a bank balance to match! I was also asked if this is what I do for a living LOL - almost fell off my chair laughing "No, I replied, I'm a Finance Manager for a Charity" If you see this post and fancy replying - let me know "Are we officially mad or simply eccentric?"


  1. Virginia, the wrod BRILLIANT spring's to mind
    Angie xxx

  2. Virginia, the word BRILLIANT springs to mind
    Angie xxx

  3. Fabulous what a beautiful gift.Love it.Gifted not mad.

  4. This is an absolutely wonderful creation, or should I say 'collection of creations'. What a fantastic keepsake. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work.
    Sue x

  5. This is an inspired creation ... love each seperate keepsake you created within it ... wow. I'm sure it will be loved and appreciated foe ever.

    In answer to your question ...You are probably a little of both with a lot of talent and inspiration thrown in. xx

  6. This is amazing!so much work gone into it! you are so lucky to have a husband that make those things for you! I really do love your ideas!

  7. Blurdy Hell! Am sitting here gobsmacked. What a beautiful gift but how long to make? Seriously! How long? I am in utter awe of you. It takes me that long to do one lo sometimes.

    Mad & eccentric I reckon - the best way for creative peeps to be, obviously! Lucky you having a hubby that joins in with your scrapping too!

  8. what a fantastic creation a lot of love and time has gone in to that project

  9. Stupendous work Virginia! If there was a guiness book of records for crafting I'm sure you'd be in it! You could call this a "Labour of Love" as you obviously put lots of work into it and it was a love topic! xx

  10. Its stunning! What a lot of work you have put into it and what a fantastic gift to give someone. I'm just going to pop all my 'informal' wedding pics in the post to you and you can play with them.... I've been married 10 years in two weeks time and still haven't scrapped them!

  11. That is completely gorgeous, so much work has gone into it. It's really lovely that your husband could make the box for you, what is it made of?

    I'm sure they will cherish it.

    Lindsay -

  12. wow what a fabulous gift
    this is gorgeous
    well done

  13. Wowie what a beautiful memory box and keepsakes really inspirational


  14. I really hope they appreciated it. What a beautiful gift

  15. I've just clicked thro from UKS - this is just STUNNING, thanks for sharing, it has inspired me to get scrapping!

  16. OMG thats just stunning! What lucky friends to get a box of books like that.