Sunday, 19 July 2009


Well I haven't been involved in the scrap like you mean it challenge - not sure why I love UK Scrappers, I love Shimelle's website and I love challenges I think I just got intially behind and decided it wasn't for me - so on week 27 I decided I needed yet another impossible challenge - the challenge TO CATCH UP - so for all of you out there saying you can't and it's not possible, just grab your photos and paper and basically get on with it! Just over a week ago I joined the challenge, I hadn't picked up a photo, a sketch, an idea, a piece of co-ordinating paper - nothing - one week on - I'm caught up - so you think I sit at home not working, or a stay at home Mum (with an incredibly well behaved child!) - nope none of that, this last week, I've done 30.35 hours of a 25 hour week, taken child to school, breakfast club, after school club, football practice, water polo, taken the car for an MOT, dropped husband at tram station, been to cinema to watch latest Harry Potter, etc - generally had the usual mad week that we all have to deal with. So here goes - eyes down no confering

Week 28 - needle and thread - my favourite - no excuse!

Week 27 - Scrap a happy story - you can't get much happier than a wedding! Congrats Clare and Paul the day was awesome! -When do I get the invite to discuss what you fancy for a wedding album?

Week 26 - Stickers - Believe it or not but the title, and additional flowers are stickers - love this photo - love it I tell thee!

Week 25 - Blue and Green - easy - love the colour combo

Week 24 - Using felt - bit of the felt ribbon going on with this awesome layout!

Week 23 - Self Portrait - one of me with a bit of quirky journalling!

Week 22 - Sketch - Minamilisitic - I love this photo of my sister and niece absolutely beautiful! As always!

Week 21 - Song Title - my husband and and son are simply amazing!

Week 20 - Using a pen - not a problem with the recent layouts I've produce but with this one - not a problem at all - love it! love it! love it!

Week 19 - Lift a page from SLYMI - now I know the idea was to pinpoint but I've been catching up so I'll link later - but love it anyway!
Week 18 - Outdoors - an outdoor fire that we had early summer - absolutely awesome

Week 17 - Lace and layers - no lace in stock - so layers will have to be your lot!

Week 16 - Scrap in the morning - a complete lie, I scrap morning, noon and night whether I'm sat at my scrap table or not - so Scrap in the morning - not a problem

Week 15 - Scrap on the edge - didn't think this would work but work it does - love these challenges Shimelle - even when I'm on catch up

Week 14 - Scrap something hidden - a couple of photos hidden under the main one

Week 13 - Stamps - when a layout might seem lost and doomed a stamp can resurrect it like a pheonix from the ashes!

Week 12 - Sketch - love sketches -completely awesome

Week 11 - Fabric - not very good at yo yos, not very good at yo yos sticking to the page - but hey another week done!

Week 10 - Funny Face - love this photo from Clare and Paul's wedding!

Week 9 - Punch - used a subtle punch on the edges of the embellishment on this layout - completely awesome!

Week 8 -Cut a photo - one of the last on my catch up and one of the hardest, I'm used to cutting photos to centre subject but to cut to the image - completely alien - still love the finished effect!

Week 7 - Old Photo - I know it's only a couple of years old but its great to document something I've been meaning to document for ages!!

Week 6 - Use Ribbon - never a problem - love using ribbon

Week 5 - Black and White - using a paper I haven't really liked since I got it - but hey - to meet the challenge, cut the paper, stick it down and then you love it!

Week 4 - Sketch - love it love it love
Week 3 - Chipboard - the little sensible line along the top really made this!

Week 2 - Stars - not a trouble! - love stars

Week 1 - Favourite colour - black and pink at the mo!

So there you go - scrap like you mean it from week 28 - not a problem, a few photos, some cool papers and a little time and before you know it its done! Hope you enjoy - I had a blast! See you soon


  1. Wow I cannot believe you have done so many LO's.I love them all but I do have a few fav's ... inparticular wk 28 and wk 5.

  2. Ive been checking in to see what they have been doing but as I haven't scrapped in MONTHS I haven't joined in...but you have given me the inspiration that it's not too late to join in..if I can just find my

    what a fab bunch of LOs :0)

  3. Whew, am exhausted! Just goes to show, when the motivation side of thebrain gets sparked, we can do anything! Wel done, and what great LOs!

  4. Well, now, you are just showing off. :D I can't believe how many you did! You looked at that challenge and laughed in it's face. I'm another not participated yet for exactly the same reasons. I doubt I will catch up like you but maybe I'll start from here on in ;)

  5. Wow - have you been busy!!!! Some smashing pages there .....

  6. Wow!! I am so impressed, how come I can't find the time for one LO as week! Well done you they look lovely x