Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Well I posted a lovely mini project the other day which was a landscape take on Voodoo Vixen's organiser (two days ago me thinks - scroll down to find it) and got my dear husband to make a matching box for it to sit in - which he kindly did, so after some pink paint, distress inks, a little stamping here's the finished article. The first shows the box inside and the top of the lid...

Then this one shows the inside of the box and the inside of the lid, I did a row of stamping on the inside of the lid which I didn't like so an extra piece of paper and a bit of ric rac sorted that little issue out!

But then I'm always left with a load of offcuts, which usually just get put into my scraps box - but this time I thought I'd try and use some of the scraps up - now anyone who knows me knows I don't profess to be any good at card making - this is primarily because I only ever use offcuts from my scrapbooking LOL but I'm quite happy with these, the first is an anniversary card.

I haven't decided on the second one as sometimes I put a greeting on it and then decide it would have suited a better purpose LOL.

Then a group shot of the four finished cards, like i said I'm really quite pleased with them, but now I've run out of the gorgeous Blonde Moments pages - feels like the end of an era - I've always had some Blonde Moments in my stash - mind you word has it the gorgeous Dyan is on with designing new papers - can't wait!

Got a few other things bubbling in the scrapping pot at the moment, so I'll post as they are done - trying to up my total postings before the end of July LOL - mind you off to work today - boo hoo - figures and numbers only - no pretty paper!


  1. Aren't you a clever pair!!! I would love that my DH could make my little boxes for my craft makes to go in :) Arrrrrrrrrr the end of a paper range!!! isn't it awful when you use the last of a range you love to find that no-one stocks it anymore.

  2. Ooh, nice cards, shame youve run out. Cant really comment about new, cos Iff I told you I would have to kill you,lmao. Ooh quite like being called gorgeous..!!!!

  3. ladybug, I will have it in stock forever, my daughter designed it and I will reprint till I die, lol.