Sunday, 28 June 2009


Well where oh where have I been this week - it's over a week since my last posting - not good enough if you ask me! Hey ho I'm here now and showing off the completed teacher's gifts that I've made pending the end of the school year. They are A5 academic planners - dismantled and reassembled as per last Saturday's posting below, together with some tiny note books that I've covered and bound with my trusty bind it all! All colour co-ordinated! I'm really pleased with them, just need some gift bags now and they'll be all sorted!

I love the spring colours of this one, from the DCWV Spring stack - there's no way I'd use this paper in a 12 x 12 layout - but for covering books its brilliant!

Bright and breezy colours of the next one - almost didn't fit the name in LOL!

This one's got a bigger notebook with it that I bought!

Finally a huge academic planner I bought, as per Liberty Chance's posting a few weeks ago on UK Scrappers, it cost about £4 and I had to take it off it's original wire, cover etc and then rebind - I'm quite happy with the finished effect and this one is for my son's main teacher! Hope she likes it!
So what now, well been to the school fair yesterday, bought a pink circular framed mirror and a square partially frosted glass frame - both screaming to be altered. My little boy bought me a clock - I did a double take when I saw it - it's not the prettiest clock I've ever seen, made with clear plastic with beads inside and it's discoloured - he saw the look of slight apprehension on my face and said - "I bought it you to alter Mummy!" - Phew sigh of relief followed by "And it only cost 10p" - glad he thinks big when buying me presents!
I'm also making a waterfall book - and to be honest this almost got launched out of the door last night - the instructions I had were appalling and the first three attempts were dismantled frequently on the way to being assembled. Finally asked my other half to sit down and try and phathom out what i was doing wrong, now I'll grant you it was just one fold - but my goodness doesn't that make a difference. I then proceeded to write my own instructions and can now put one together in 12 minutes woo hoo - half a chance of getting this sorted now - I'll post once I've got some piccies!


  1. The books look lovely all completed - and is there any chance you might share those hard worked out instructions?!

  2. Brilliant teachers pressies.

    How things have changed ... when I was at school no one gave gifts except maybe to a fav teacher when you left the school. Now it seams to be expected all the time.

  3. I'm sure the teachers will love their gifts, I know I'd really appreciate the time taken to make them & they're all very pretty. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the clock :)

  4. It makes such a difference - last day of school all you see is teachers with armfuls of chocolates at our school - they must get pig sick of them all and put on a ton of weight! *g* My girls usually get the teachers a candle and holder of some description.

    Can't wait to see your finished book (and instructions?)

  5. Wow, you've been busy!! All the book look lovely, I am sure they will all be well received.
    Can't wait to see what you do with the frames and the clock. Lynne x

  6. I'm absolutely sure those teachers are going to love these Virginia! They are really special handmade gifts - they will be treasured. Bet you had more fun making them rather than trudging round the shops wondering what gift could possibly convey your thanks for educating your son for the last year.....

  7. Well, suddenly I'd like (momentarily you understand) to be a teacher. These are just fab.

  8. lovely book! I am a teacher and the best present i have ever had was the jar of blue peter inspried pink soda bath salts made by one of my pupils, After making lots of appreciative comments i undid the lid and breathed deeply, to discover it had been a pickled onion jar and had not been washed out. It has stayed with me always!

  9. These are gorgeous. I made a covered notebook along with a matching kitkat holder for my daughters teacher and was panicking as the cover was too plain, you inspired me to personalise it with her name so thankyou very much.
    Rebecca (Moonphoenix on UKS) xx

  10. I'm luvin them, they are fantastic Virginia, you've dones such a beautiful job on altering these books. I agree with other people, wish I was a teacher, no I don't, but would love them as a present.