Thursday, 18 June 2009


My addiction to mini books recently seems to have continued to grow, but the biggest dilemma is how many pages and what kind to include when I set out. To create a random book I decided to make this little creation, based on one my son brought home from school. I decorated the outside with plain, striped, spotted and circled paper - so you call out the name and spell it out, move your fingers underneath to reveal...

Either one set of numbers...

Or another ...

Once you stop your fingers, you need to call out your number again and once again move it back and forth until the number is revealed. Select a number again and then open it up

And look at the corresponding page link - the outer triangles have types of pages to include , envelopes, acetates, tag, tag in holder, pockets, pages, shapes and fold out pages. Then you can do it all again to decide on a type of embellishment, which can be seen on the inner part of the folded out section - die cut, stickles, stickers, chipboard, buttons, glossy accents, stamping and ribbon. It was easy to make and I'm pleased with the finish result, might make a dice now to go with it to decide how many of each type of page I'll use.


  1. Used to play with these when i was a child ... brought back memories.
    I dont know what made you think of using it in that way but its very clever ... I'm sure one could use it for making ones own LO chalanges!xx

  2. Genius of a creation! Great idea!

  3. My daughters keep asking me to make these, they call them clicker clackers :P Nowhere near as beautiful as yours mind you, this is gorgeous and such a good use for it.