Monday, 1 June 2009


This is the largest 'word' book that I've ever done - my poor dear husband had to cut out the words from some thin chipboard we had. He also had to make the box which measured over 24 inches when it was done! This was a gift made for my sister to give to family at their wedding. I had the most fun making it indulging in all things pink - somethink I rarely get chance to do as little man doesn't like pink! It is a momento of the hen weekend that sadly I could not partake of due to back issues! It documents the pictures that were taken albeit a little few and far between due to the vast quantities of alcohol consumed and the weekend as a whole. It was set to prose by myself and my sister, we had a scream trying to get it to rhyme and in places had to tone down the truth to make it viewable to any eye! It was also very well received by Clare and Paul which both me and my sister Melanie were thrilled at, in fact all the participants of the hen weekend were keen to take a look! The word is obviously a made up one - that only the hen party truly 'get' and the word in question is THROCULATED!

I had to make the 't' more distinct in both places on the book that it appeared as it was difficult to identify it easily, I did this by utilising a brown ink that I'd used in the book to highlight the full shape of the letter, the rest were easier to read.

The whole book was done in raspberry pinks and chocolate browns with lots of girly embellishments from fabric flowers to bling and organza ribbons.

The box was made to house the item and painted in matching pink with stitching on the outside, handcut title and fabric flowers!


  1. Wow - what a fabulous thing to look back on that is going to be! How clever to make your own book like that, you'd never know it wasn't shop bought (although I'm not sure there would be much call for books saying Thruculated!).

  2. Oh it's so pretty! What a clever hubby you have to make the box too! Beautifully decorated by yourself of course ;)Brilliant gift idea.

  3. Lovely word book and I what a weird word to have to make up, love the colours.

  4. Great book, love the colour combination.

  5. Well done you, it's gorgeous and a fab gift. Am loving that you got a word from the weekend..verb, I presume?!!!