Saturday, 13 June 2009


I couldn't resist this little metal watering can I saw whilst out shopping last weekend, it was screaming for altering! I set to with some stazon inks, but slippy enamel curved surfaces and stamps don't exactly go together, so I set to with ribbons placing a large strip around the can, but eventually decided I didn't like the ribbon I'd chosen. Never defeated I just kept adding layers until I was happy, I used blue awning paper but my template for around the spout left a lot to be desired!

So I found out some leaves I had in stock, they were leftover from some cheap fabric flowers I had dismantled after buying. To be honest I've almost got rid of the leaves on more than one occasion, then suddenly they have come into their own. I added them over the top of the ribbon that I didn't like around the can and then around the spout, where my template had failed. A large quantity of ribbons in various colour later and it's done - there were several points where I didn't think I'd be happy with it - but now I am.

A large flower on top of the can, made from a combination of paper and fabric and it was done. Then onto the mini book, initially I thought it would just be the can as a piece of altered art, but to be honest my art tends to need a purpose, so housing for a minibook seemed appropriate.

I had the blank book already in my cupboard so it was simply a matter of adding photos and memories. It documents a couple of water fights we had last summer during a few very hot days, I also cut some of the blue awning paper into the shape of the book, with it being double sided it seemed a shame to stick one side down, so I decided against that and just cut the paper into the correct shape.

Now what to do next? Hope everyone is having a great Saturday.


  1. Beautiful watering can... Love it.

  2. Lovely idea, the colours are beautiful

  3. love the colours you have used.