Saturday, 20 June 2009


After a stressful morning at the cardiology clinic having an echo cardiogram I decided to have a bit of retail therapy around the local shopping centre. I happened into my favourite cheap bookstore for a thorough browse and came across some academic planners. Now there had been a great post on UK Scrappers recently for Teacher's Gifts including one for academic planners. I bought one a few weeks ago and dismantled it, it was on a spiral wire, however, the spiral was set at a different width to my bind it all wires so my plan of using a new wire went out of the window. I had to reuse the wire that I'd taken off and I was less than impressed with the finished article - hence the fact it never appeared on my blog LOL! However, I am a lot happier with this one - you won't believe what I did! See photos below!
This is how the book started out, it's an A5 planner costing £1.99 and had a leatherette type finish.

I quite literally cut the book out from the inside using a craft knife, be careful not to be over zealous with the knife, you don't want to be chopping into the pages.

As you can see, this left the back cover to play with in peace!

Now the book stretched out was touching the 12" mark, so I tore some paper and added it to either side of a sheet of 12 x 12 paper and stuck with DST and glue stick. This made the paper around the 14" mark so I knew it would go around the book with some overlap to the inside. I then stuck the paper to the outside of the book with double sided tape and glue sticks, folding it to the inside and sticking down on all four sides, to get the finished article below.

The outside was a lot prettier, as you can see, I tore the paper and inked the edges. I also went back over it with a bone folder to get rid of bubbles after I'd taken this photo!

Once this was complete I had to deal with reattaching the inside of the book. Basically the original book had had a sheet of paper twice the size of the book folded in half. The right hand side was stuck to the book's insides and then the left hand side was stuck to the inside of the hard cover. This was then replicated in the back of the book. I also replaced the rather cheap ribbon that had originally been in the book. The photo below shows the double the size paper attached to the inside of the book and ...

This now shows the left hand side attached to the inside cover.

This shows the back of the inside cover once it's reattached, I'm sure you'll agree a lot prettier than the original book!

I then put the letters PLANNER on the outside of the book, cut on my big shot, added some stickles and used glossy accents on the cupcakes. I think I'll make a matching notebook to go with it and that should hopefully make a great gift for a teaching assistant. As my little one attends not only school but also breakfast club and after school club on a couple of days I've lots of these to make - I can see me returning to said shop later this morning! I'm going to have a busy day of it!


  1. This is just so pretty! I would not want to give it away LOL

  2. This is lovely, I'll definitley be making one of these.

  3. What a fab idea, and such a great idea for a pressie for a teacher.

  4. Love the way you have personalised the planner, a really useful gift!!

  5. It's absolutely beautiful - whoever gets it is very lucky indeed :)

    p.s thank hubby for the idea - I may just do an angry duckie now :P

  6. You certainly prove "where there's a will there's a way"!! Great idea for a personalised gift Virginia - you're fab!

  7. What a good idea, it's lovely, and makes a great present.

  8. I'm so impressed at how you worked out how to do all that!

  9. love this! thaks for sharing im off to do my new uni planner as i write!!

  10. Love this planner, I will be looking out for one next time I am shopping