Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Well Sunday was spent putting up new scrapping storage - which looks adorable, so yesterday was supposed to be the tweaking phase with plenty of chill out time, getting everything just right, with a little scrapping to follow and a scrapbook class to enjoy yesterday evening at the Craft Box at Elsecar - but NO my back had other ideas - I've trapped my sciatic nerve in a monumental way! Cannot sit or lay without being in absolutely awful pain. Spent most of yesterday laid (albeit painfully) on the bed as I couldn't face climbing the stairs to the bathroom again! It got so bad I ended up bent double, watched Over the Hedge followed by Shaun the Sheep!

This morning - no better, so what does that actually mean - it means I can't drag myself out of bed, I can't get dressed, I can't shower without assistance, I can't get little man ready for school, I can't drive pretty much a long list of 'I can'ts' so dear husband phoned work explained situation, took little man to school and I've phoned a chiropractor - who I'm seeing at 11.30am - it's gonna cost £60 and £30 for each appointment thereafter but if she can get me upright again and functioning then I'll gladly pay it question is how long is it going to take to get into the car!

Pray the chiropractor is good and that she does manage to make a difference because I have far too much on at work to have this kind of set back! Dear Husband popped down to Craft Box at Elsecar last nigth to pick up my papers etc for the class I was missing together with copious amounts of photos as a prompt but if I'm honest i'm not sure if I'm going to manage to do it from home! Hey ho - let's hope the day gets better.


  1. You sound in a right old tacking, really sorry to hear it. Hope the chiropractor does some good and you start to feel better. Try to keep crafting....

  2. Poor you! Hope the chiropractor has worked her magic and you will soon be crafting again.