Sunday, 24 May 2009


Well as I promised myself, first ongoing project finally finished. It's another box frame book, just shows you how versatile they are, all the ones I've made in the larger sizes have been given as gifts, this one however, is for little old me. I've used an Ikea frame that I bought as a twin pack, it's brilliant because the 'glass' is actually plastic! So even if it gets dropped it won't break! I put the book together not quite knowing for what purpose (ie what to document), finally documented my little brother's Christening, he'll be 27 this year and he was about 6 months old when he was Christened. It's strange to scrap something so old, particularly as I have only vague recollections of it but it's also lovely as my Mum's photos tend to just be in a giant box!

The lettering in the book and on the front are the same font, the ones in the frame were cut out on thin chipboard, painted teal and then covered in glossy accents. The frame needed a really good sand to get the paint to adhere well but it was worth it, distressed with teal and silver paint.

Inside the book five pockets with pull out tags, each tag was inked on the edges, I used a paper arsty stamp to highlight the edges, did fake stitching and used the new Jesse Edwards papermania papers together with some K and Company off cuts I had left over!

Simple white ribbons for the tags

Vivaldi font gives it a more classic feel, finished with buttons and stickles

Pale green cardstock backed the photos

Pale blue cardstock for the base

Photos of people like my Nannan who aren't here anymore

And photos of my Dad, so proud on the day

The beginnings of good friendships

And such a happy photo of my Grandad

So a finished project at last, what next?

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  1. Wow Virginia, what an accomplishment! a great idea to make and keep one for yourself, especially with treasured family photos. I really admire the way you consolidate what you've learned by adapting it and making it your own. Hope your back is healing? Don't get too immersed in your projects that you forget to keep getting up and having a litlle walk! Big hug x