Monday, 18 May 2009


Occasionally I start a project with only so much of the project in mind, this means that I get to a point when it then stops waiting for the flash of inspiration to finish it off. Problem is my scrapping table is currently full of such project, however here are glimpses of what I'm on with another frame book, using a square frame from Ikea, I wanted to do this to see if I could make it with the cardstock I had, but not sure what I'm going to use it for - LOL so it's stopped for the timebeing.

Got a freebie from UKScrappers recently, someone clearing out their stash and giving it away for free, received some citrus papers, flowers and brads, got stuck initially how to use them but on with a layout now.

A hanging display for the home, spelling out the word home - just not sure how to display it so many options, from backing on chipboard and eyeletting together to sticking each individual piece to individual canvases!

And finally my canvas, still not finished it, work in progress, I get to a point when I think almost done, but then think it's lacking again, considering some modelling paste to finish it now!

My crafting is saving me from the frustration of my bad back, that and the inspirational blogs I get to read, hope everyone is having a good day.

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  1. Hi Virginia just checking in...there are some intriguing glimpes here and I can't wait to see the finished projects.....all of them! Looking good so far. Hope your back improves really soon.