Monday, 27 April 2009


I knew today was going to be tough - it's been 20 years since my Dad passed away, I've tried to stay calm and reflective but it's difficult, my Mum said to think of him sat by a lake fishing with rain falling which are our tears - I said he'd be really fed up that it was raining and therefore we should all stop - so even on dark days we can smile and laugh.

My brother who was only 6 when he died said he's spent every moment since his death trying to fill his shoes which was an impossible task but he enjoyed following in his footprints. Life is always changing, something I've known since that day, I miss my Daddy so much, he was only 40 when he passed away and he died suddenly, but the strength I have today are as a result of the lessons in life that he and my Mum taught me.

The photo is of my Daddy

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  1. Special memories Virginia, your courage and openess in sharing will be a gift to many people going through similar life tragedies. xx