Thursday, 23 April 2009


Well as it has been pointed out by my little bro, I haven't updated my blog in over five days! Why, just so very very busy! Monday was back to work and during the evening was another cracking scrapbook class down at the Craft Box at Elsecar, another great layout by Sandra - problem is she insisted on it being about me - which means I now need to find a picture that I like that isn't over 20 years old! Tuesday was a late night at work, almost a 12 hour day in front of a VDU - not much fun and I claim to work part time! Wednesday was a dash to school to play taxi to said 8 year old then dash to swimming baths for lesson, dash home and cleaned all night! Tonight, well we've been doing a competition for school, it should be said 8 year old has been doing a competition but it has been something of a family affair, mainly other half and little man but I've helped a little bit. Then tears over homework and finally a little bit of surfing.

On the scrapping front, I'm trying to finish a mini book for new baby in family but need some more information, I've got a double layout to finish to mark our 11th wedding anniversary, which I might say was supposed to be a joint effort - but he was too busy buying wine when I was putting it together!

And finally, planning a big layout to mark Monday - which is my 'feeling reflective' bit, twenty years since my Dad passed away, 40 years old and in a breath he was gone. I still remember the day so vividly as if it was yesterday so much so that I think this year I'll mark it by making a layout retelling the story of my day, intend to ask other family members to tell their story, in the meantime still feeling reflective...

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  1. Hey Virginia, blog contents are great. It is a bit of a challenge to scrapbook about us, but if you don't, think about it, in 30 years time your family will look back and say "where are you in all these albums"!! Glad but sad that you are reflecting about your Dad (I know you know what I mean) Push through.
    Big hug x