Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I bumped into Ann today and promised I'd put photos of my giant tags as well as the link to the bloggers site that got me started on them. The blog in question is http://embers.typepad.com/ her website is truly inspirational and I love how the questions make you think outside the box. The first tag I did was "Do you believe in fairies" but I've also done, "what makes me me?" "what is the truth" and "what keeps me awake at night". I've used acrylic paints as backgrounds or alternatively used up some left over pieces of scrapbook paper torn up and stuck down with mod podge which makes quite a pleasing background. I've used lots of different techniques including stamping, stickles, letter stickers, glossy accents and heat embossing. I've still got loads of the questions to catch up on but now I've found the way I want to document them (ie the big tags) I can get on. I did attempt to do them on an ATC card initially but to be honest they are simply far too big a question to answer on an ATC!


  1. Hey these are fantastic!!! How large are the tags? It was good to see you today, keep up the good work, I should really start doing more on my journal, you have just inspired me to start again. Thanks, Ann xx

  2. They are great Virginia - I love this kind of art - inner thoughts having an outlet in our artwork! Love the fact that you've added texture and images and your backgrounds are fab!

  3. Great tags!! Lovely to you meet you both. Now added a 'where to find us' bit late for yourselves I know, but hopefully it will help others!! lol