Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter Monday

Well Easter Sunday started very early 3.30am no less thanks to little man! I sent him back to bed and he didn't get us up until 6.30am so that was much better! Hey ho the joys of parenthood, had a busy day visiting parents, brothers and sisters, step-daughter and brand new step-grandchild - although I seem far too young for all that at the grand old age of 36! All seem well and happy with the world so it was a good day all round. Today, well the washer has been going all morning and we seem to have spent the morning with little man's homework - bless him he's done some every day of the holidays up to now, despite all the sobbing that we've had about it! Spending the rest of the day chilling out and crafting - finished another double page layout this morning and if I get chance I'll upload it later. Run out of heavily patterned papers that I can cut out - so need another scrapbook class from the Craft Box at Elsecar to get me going again!

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