Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Good morning, well I bet the title got you worried, this post is actually to share some layouts I created with some of the gorgeous papers I received as part of the Secret Santa Stocking swap on UK Scrappers.  My Santa was Karen and she really did 'know' me when it came to creating the most amazing Christmas stocking.  I had much fun using these papers.

This photo of said 14 year old taking photos at Yorkshire Sculpture Park using a tripod - we had some funny stares LOL!

And this is what he was photographing.  A 'clay' like sculpture of an owl - actually made of bronze! 

Keeping it simple I used the colours of the papers to pick out colours in the photos and vice versa!  Here are me and said 14 year old 'abandoning' art.

And the last one a reunion of all my close school friends last year, it was 12 years since we last all managed to be together!

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day!

Monday, 2 March 2015


Morning all well I was eager to get started on the March kit for the counterfeit kit, I've abstained from the 'globe' like paper as I felt it was just too similar to the previous kit in February for me and I've discovered that I have lots of turquoise papers and even blue card stock but not so much of the good old yellows which is bizarre as I thought I had loads of them as I rarely use yellow!  Anyway I digress here is this month's kit (and I believe I'm going to be adding to this one given that I made a dent in it yesterday afternoon during the rugby match on TV).

I always start with lots of paper, I did manage to find a balloon paper but thought it was too muted, but then found another one - yay!

Some pale yellow cardstock as the yellows were a bit thin on the ground if I'm honest!

I had no wood veneer papers in wood colours (I found a distressed multi coloured one), so thought I'd add a couple in that had the brown colours in them to add to the kit

I've picked out a couple of packs of embellishments too but will refrain from using any pink elements if I'm honest as my kit doesn't lend itself to that.  I was hoping for a better 'close up' of the kit but it now no longer exists on the original website so I just went with the flow as it were.

I also managed to pull a few elements together to potentially use, orange embroidery thread and bakers twine, some wooden elements, a variety of washi tapes and so project life style cards too - I love a new kit!

I'll be sharing what I create on my blog over the next few weeks

Friday, 27 February 2015

COUNTERFEIT KIT LAYOUTS 30 31 32 33 and 34

Well I did say I still had some left and we are almost on the last day of February so here goes the last of the layouts for this month.

First up a photo of said 14 year old's homework for chemistry that he did on Minecraft - totally genius in my book!  I loved the mix of colours on this one!

Pinwheels - I love - photo of my photographing the lake at Center Parcs didn't even know he'd taken the shot LOL!

The other bit of that paper which I think looks fab on this.  Photo of me, said 14 year old, sister, niece and Mum at Chatsworth at Christmas

New hockey shirt for said 14 year old so had to document it!  Well it would be rude not to!

And finally documenting me and hubby time one Saturday morning, just the two of us sharing a coffee - simply bliss!

I've thoroughly enjoyed the kit this month - roll on Sunday


Morning all Friday - list your grateful moments people

Well after four walling it last week, we pulled out all the stops on Friday and toddled off to the coast to have some fresh air.  Here is my favourite bit of coastline, discovered last year - Flamborough Head! 

It is a tiny beach but lovely, we set off late but didn't care it was about having a jaunt out and enjoying the surroundings.  These two thoroughly enjoyed 'skimming' stones - I call it 'skimming' in quotes because if you'd seen the size and shapes of a lot of them the one thing you wouldn't be able to do was skim them - they had fun nonetheless.

Now when you need to write your name on a giant rock - apparently you need a giant piece of chalk! This will be appearing on a scrapbook layout shortly for obvious reasons!

Hubby got this one really low down to the ground - what a fab view!

We then headed into Bridlington and got a fab sunset

And then got to see some of the other less favourable items in the vicinity! All sorts of wrong!

Slot machines - it's the I won bit that had us rolling, they won then they fed it back into the machine!

Saturday saw a jaunt to Eyam - despite only being an hour away I've never actually been.  Unfortunately, we picked a really really cold day, which means we will probably have to return to appreciate it fully in the summer, however, we did manage to go to Eyam Hall run by the National Trust.

First sign of spring (although it was just after a snow shower so not sure how necessary snowdrops really were).

Outside the Elizabethan Hall and look at those blue skies!

We saw lots of things inside the house - this one tickled me most!

We even had a stroll around the garden - family selfie!

Afterwards we ventured around the few craft shops and stopped at the coffee shop for a cuppa.  Mischief 1 and 2 were on top form as always!

Then the journey back - we were racing the weather - literally - the views over the Derbyshire and Yorkshire landscape was beautiful!

We even got to see left overs from the Tour De Yorkshire last year

Saturday night saw another ice hockey match, which we unfortunately lost (boo hiss) but then managed a win on the return leg in Nottingham this week and got through to the final - phew! Although unfortunately, we didn't get to see the second leg of the match!

Other positives include a fabulous parents evening on thursday night, chatting away to the teachers - said 14 year old verged on having a fan club!  Most funny!

Prompt delivery of some photos I'd ordered early in the week.

Work being understanding when I was poorly, I had to have a couple of days off when the lurgy struck, but I'm on the mend now.

I hope you've had a fabulous week and have lots of positives and grateful moments to note.  If you fancy joining in pop yourself a post together, pop back link up and we will come and visit.

Thursday, 26 February 2015


Well I still haven't shared all the layouts I've done and I'm running out of February so without further ado.

I was really pleased with this one, the lower paper was one I thought I might struggle to use, but by cutting into the full sheet and blending it with a more natural background and a few heart circles I was soon finished.  The photo is of the Queen of Hearts at Chatsworth at Christmas last year.

Next up using a shiny gold paper (the centre piece), over a border of 'global' paper.  Using embroidery thread around the square, matted photo and a journal card which doubled as both title and journal card.  Photo taken by hubby when we were on our way back after a meal out at Center Parcs we were having such a giggle!

And finally early morning selfie when it was mighty cold which I think you can tell. Using up the floral paper, stitching hand stamping and an embellishment card plus a few enamel dots for good measure!

Have I finished yet you might ask?  Can I be honest - no I still have some in the blog folder linked with the kit - whoops!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


So a few weeks ago, I fancied some new scrapping goodies, you know how it is - so much to choose from that what you need is something new!  So I had a wander around Jen's website over on Wear Crafts and selected a few items including this lovely January kit

January Scrapbook Kit

And it's the first kit I've played with since the bundle arrived (yes I bought more than one it would be rude not to don't you think).    Now in amongst the kit I saw fit to play with the die cut sheet - what die cut sheet I hear you - well that was my question to Jen after I'd played with the kit and she giggled and said - 

"hmmm well being as useless as i am, they arent on the blinkin website yet... oh I tell you what have a promotion on your blog... I have one kit left and whoever orders it gets the diecut sheet free if they mention your blog when they order  jx"

So there you go heard it from the great lady herself - one kit left and whoever orders gets a die cut sheet for free provided you mention the Celtic House blog - you can't say fairer than that can you!

So what did I make with said kit?

Well the first thing I did was take all those lovely die cuts out of the sheet - which left me a giant sheet of holes and then I thought - what fun to actually use the sheet that's left.  I had umpteen photos left over from our visit to Chatsworth at Christmas and thought it might be fun to create a layout with them.  With a few of the 'tag shapes' I had to open up the holes to allow for the photo.  But this is what I created and yes before you ask I am completely nuts!  I have a brand new kit to play with and the first thing I do is play with the off cuts - go figure!

And then I set too adding a little bit of white card stock and a fab sheet of aqua card stock to create a further six layouts 

Simple layouts, strips, matted statements, and some bling! The photo in this layout was taken early one morning at Center Parcs just after Christmas. 

Next up using the gorgeous pearlised card stock which is part of the kit.  I used some of the frames and matted a few of the items up on foam pads, the empty frame was perfect for adding journalling!  Photo of the library next to the theatre, It always reminds me of Night at the Museum if you know what I mean, I wonder what happens overnight in there - bet it's awesome!

Now this one almost ended up a sheet of the stripy paper (which was the other side - the dilemma of double sided paper), but then decided to challenge myself and cut lots of the elements out, creating fab elements to layer up.  I don't think it's quite the standard of Jen's fussy cutting but it's coming close don't you think?  I liked the 'love' banner below the photo and the 'memories are so sweet' statement so cut these elements out to make them pop.  I have also added a couple of pieces of washi tape to this layout.  The photo is  me and said 14 year old on Christmas Eve following heart shaped napkin instructions on the internet!

Next up border punches, I love them, can't help it, with the punched border you end up with the scalloped leftovers which I've used at the top and bottom of the page.  As this was a 'countdown' page it seemed apt to use the 1-6 statement, added a few elements and then hand journalling and finished with a sprinkle of punched hearts.  The photo - well the first thing said 14 year old did on the 1st December (it's kind of a tradition) was to check out Norad - the magic of Christmas still well and truly alive in this house!

Then the bold graphic grey element - I loved this paper, once again layering u elements.  Using a photo from a meal out at Center Parcs after Christmas of me, my sister, my niece and my Mum!

And the final page, again elements - inked edges, breaking up the component parts, hard journalling and yes the world's strangest photo!  This documents what happens on Christmas day when the wine is flowing and you can't be bothered to go and get a new sheet of paper for the shopping list.  I keep normally a sheet of paper inside a cupboard door to document down things we run out of to remind me when I next shop.  Christmas Day arrived and no sheet of paper so hubby decided to stick the empty box of bay leaves to the inside of the cupboard door to remind us; it was only the following day when I went to add to the list did I discover what he'd done!

So there we go lovely people a gorgeous kit turned into some layouts and using up every morsel including the empty die cut sheet!  So whose going to grab that last kit? 

Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Good morning lovely people

Well this is my part of the CKCB - AKA Counterfit Kit challenge members' blog hop.
You should have arrived here from Margie here
And once you've read this one you should head over and visit Julene here
If you get lost on the hop - never fear just heading back over to the CKCB blog here for a full list of participants!

The full list is here

Well another fab kit that I've enjoyed working with this month, I find I almost exhaust supplies from my kit before any of the challenges appear, thus making the challenges even more challenging if you know what I mean.

So first up Challenge #1 Invisibles and Clear Cuts

Now I've got ample piles of vellums and such like but always have an issue when it comes to attaching them, so this time I decided to use a vellum envelope, I had on my desk which was full of orange sequins, I attached on the left with staples and used two metal brads on the right! Photo taken very early one morning on our walk around Center Parcs after New Year!

Then Challenge #2 - Use a date Stamp in an Interesting Way

So I matted the photo onto a data stamped piece of white cardstock - the 'selfie' was taken on a trip to the theatre when we'd stopped for a drink. We had gone to watch Stomp live, which is fabulous I might add!  Said 14 year old rolled his eyes at us which is always funny these days, mainly because my phone doesn't have a forward facing camera so it always makes for a fun activity!

And finally Challenge # 3- Create an unexpected Title

I decided to go for a long title, technically with a question posed to us by these two Victorian Pick pockets, who asked us "Do you Fancy a Real Life Victorian Experience?" and when we frowned, they said they'd be quite willing to pick our pockets for us!  Thank you for this great challenge because I didn't know how I'd manage to capture this humorous moment if I'm honest!

So how have I done with all the lovely layouts I've done from my kit this month, you may recall that I started with 51 sheets of paper at the beginning of the month I think the total is 29 layouts - so not bad, not bad at all!  So that leaves me to say roll on the 1st March - hope the kit proves just as much fun!