Friday, 3 July 2015


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday which means only one thing

Now I will prewarn you it's been one of those photo free weeks if I'm honest but that doesn't mean that we didn't do some fun things!

First happy is hubby and son surviving the dentist, said 14 year old had a baby tooth extracted and faired OK, although it has given him some grief since it's removal and now has a gaping hole, he will be referred to orthodontists but has a 17 month wait to see if they can do anything!  Thank you for all your best wishes when I mentioned this last week!

Saturday afternoon my sister and niece came to visit and we chatted and nattered outside for a few hours before deciding to grab a bite to eat, now we have a pub local to us that serves some really lovely food, (apparently it was frequented by Jamie Oliver when he was in the area).  Whilst the food was great, the service on Saturday was well below their normal standard by a long way.  As the meal progressed I was feeling more and more dissatisfied, which meant that when the bill arrived I told the individual that I was far from happy with the meal and the service.  She had been aware throughout the meal that things weren't great, she even did a 'teenage strop walk' if you know the one I mean you'll understand that I didn't appreciate this, so I asked to see the Manager.  Thankfully he was great as he listened, he also sat on our level so he was already on a winner with us, he indicated some of the problems they'd had which had exacerbated the situation and apologised profusely, accepted it was not up to their normal standard and gave us a decent discount.  So why grateful, well I was grateful that I had the courage to speak out because had I left paying full price I think I would have been reluctant to return and then I'm grateful that the Manager listened and did something about it.

I do have to say that said 14 year old and niece did make me giggle they couldn't cope with the fact I complained and suddenly were very busy on their phones whilst I explained how unhappy I was!

Sunday meant Minions at the cinema, it wasn't as good as we'd hope (in fact we agreed that they are funnier in the other films), there was a touch too much travelling going on in the film, but we did enjoy it nonetheless!  We then hit a certain fast food outlet to grab children's meals so we could get our hands on Minions, I asked for a big selection of Minions if at all possible we were disappointed, but they do make some great noises so I suppose we shouldn't complain too much!

The rest of the week has disappeared in the blink of an eye, I've enjoyed doing the summer of colour challenge this week and created this lovely bunch!

We only have two weeks left so I'll be very sad when it's over (I always am and always promise to carry it on afterwards but never actually manage it).  But I am grateful for Kristin for organising this every year.

Wednesday was the unbearable day sat in an office, fans at the ready moving the hot air around, so the cooler breezier weather on Thursday was absolute bliss!

So that my lovely people is my list of positives for this week, I hope your week has been filled with silver linings and positives!

If you fancy joining in then pop a post together, come back and link up and I shall come and visit.

If you don't have a blog, then you can still join in by thinking about the positives of this week, changing the way you think makes such a big difference to your outlook on life!

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Good morning lovely people, I have officially finished this weeks entry for Summer of Colour challenge, at first two reds and a metallic had me 'running away' but then I decided to play differently with the gelli plate by watering down the acrylics I was using, I then used a deeper red to create the pictures.  So here they all are, the question is this week which one is your favourite, last week I had lots of people liking different ones what about this week, tell my your favourite.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7 

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 14

Hope you are having fun with this weeks colours

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Good morning lovely people, crikey Wednesday already mind you I'll be glad to get this one out of the way 30 degrees and office based is not a good mix if I'm honest.

Desk is full to bursting again (as you can see), I've got some postcards ready in plastics to send to Free Art Friday Swindon on my desk!

A couple of scrapbook layouts using gelli plated papers using some of my summer of colour papers created from week 1, remnants of paint from weekend arting.

And finally a mini book I'm fighting with (literally) in the yellow as not happy with the colours - will continue to fight with it until I beat it into submission (hopefully).

Some of my summer of colour sea horses too!

Off to check on a few desks now!

Friday, 26 June 2015


Morning all tis Friday - so what positives have I got for this week, the 26th of 2015?

Well I think the biggest happy this week has to be my niece, not only did she did the pretty mudders race at the weekend, raising money for cancer research charity

She also had her prom, here she is looking absolutely stunning and she's not yet 16!  Me, my Mum and my sister were all very teary as we took photos, I raced home from work to get to see her, she looked utterly amazing!

There were other positives in the week but many of those disappeared into the background as you can probably appreciate!

We did some fun crafting activities on Friday evening

And worked on my peg loom

We also discovered the amazing Wingham Wool Works which is on the doorstep, an absolute heaven for all things wool!

Said 14 year old went off for a friends birthday with a cinema trip and TGI Fridays afterwards so we had a quiet Saturday afternoon and early evening, we managed to grab ourselves a meal at our local pub.

Sunday we toddled off to the cinema to watch a recorded stage play of Midsummer Night's Dream which was great, although proved a rather expensive sleep for said 14 year old - hurrumph!!!

Monday brought week three of the summer of colour challenge and this week I created seahorses.

Talking of said 14 year old, I'm grateful that he went off and had his first lot of jabs for his Lesotho trip, I'm also very grateful that he remembered that we had a school meeting on Tuesday as we had failed to put it on the calendar, I'm glad he was happy to come with us (despite the scary subject of how much they are changing the GCSE exams).  And I've also got my fingers and toes crossed for him later when he is having a tooth removed, his first, it's actually a baby tooth and there isn't full space for it and there isn't one underneath which means it's causing problems with his other teeth which we don't want to decay as a result, so he's having it pulled, we are all somewhat apprehensive about it, so please think positive thoughts that it is a quick and simple process.

So there we have it (and the week has flown by literally!).  How was yours were there any happy moments, silver linings that made you smile and reminded you of the gift of life, you know the one where you wake up and say yes - another day!

If you fancy joining in then pop a post together come back, link up and we shall come and visit, no blog, no problem, leave me a comment telling me your positives, or just sit quietly for 10 minutes and remember the highlights of the week, it is far too easy to dwell on the negative moments of life rather than the positives.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


Good morning lovely people time to share my take on Week 3's colour scheme, two purples and a yellow.  Having worked with purple and yellow before I knew I'd have to be careful to ensure my gelli plate backgrounds were fully dry between colours as purple and yellow do not make a perfect combination when mixed!  

And yes in my infinite wisdom I went with seahorses, a strange mix I'm sure you will agree I did struggle with them initially but then just beat them into submission! 

And here they are individually, tell me which one you like best and why I was intrigued with the favourite one last week (and the reason)! 

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Loving these challenges! 

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Morning all - well my desk looks busy but I haven't touched it since the weekend!  New papers, my pens, paint and my peg loom

A shot from the other end you can see the summer of colour goodies as well

Up close my time turner - really wish it worked so I could squeeze more in to my day!

And up close work on my peg loom off to share with Julia at Stamping Ground

Hope to get around a few more desks this week

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Morning all, I'm still not making much headway on the scrapbooking front, but I'm definitely making progress on the Summer of Colour front, will hopefully be able to share some later, in the meantime some scrapbooking layouts from my folder. 

These have all been shared on The Great Scheme of Things blog - which is a colour challenge blog for people to join in!  If you fancy having a look click here

So first up me and hubby ready for a charity ball, the roses were fussy cut from another sheet of paper and some were raised up on foam pads

I also managed some cards 

And captured a family selfie moment, printing the title and journalling on the paper before creating the layout, quite old school method of creating a layout these days but I still like the overall effect. 

I also shared a photo hubby took of my curls the night of the ball, I went to the hairdressers to get my hair done and they managed to create a mass of curls! 

Thanks for looking hope you are managing some scrapping time!