Friday, 14 December 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 50th of 2018

Morning all 

Tis Friday time for 

Well it has been a funny old week, I've technically not been working, so you'd think I'd got loads done, but the more time you have the more time things seem to take so it has been a rather quiet and leisurely one. 

First up last Friday, hubby was due to leave work early, we were going to pop and get some things sorted and pop to Ikea (I know you are rolling your eyes, but we like it). 

But we discovered as he was leaving work that the motorway was shut and there was gridlock, once he got home he really didn't fancy venturing too far, but we definitely needed to feed said 18 year old.  So we decided on an impromptu meal out at the local (within walking distance) pub. 

We had a lovely meal, we all really enjoyed it, although the service was incredibly slow.  Thankfully we had plenty of time and they really weren't busy. 

They've redecorated the pub and its all clean and modern looking and its nice that we have somewhere within walking distance that serves food. 

Saturday morning and said 18 year old who hadn't finished work until 1am, needed to be up and at a local Christmas fayre that he had volunteered for. 

We decided to venture off to the cinema to see the next Fantastic Beasts film.  As avid Harry Potter fans we had a fabulous time and really enjoyed it, we even had a Starbucks coffee before we went in.  My sister came and so did my niece, so afterwards we sat and put the world to rights for a while (enjoying another Starbucks as you do), needless to say too much talking no photo taking, I must get better at that side of things! 

Sunday was a strange day, said 18 year old had come in from work at 2.30am with strict instructions to leave him to wake naturally, hubby decided he 'needed' to go and buy Christmas presents so he left me at home making mini books, which was lovely.  However, when Monday dawned and I had another day just mooching around the house I started to realise I was four walling it (you know where you are tired of the same four walls). 

Anyway, Tuesday I was definitely feeling it and actually used the word 'bored' (most unlike me) on the family whatsapp group, my sister rang me literally laughing down the phone at me and agreed to meet up for a coffee at the local garden centre.  We had several hours of good sisterly chat and all was right with the world again. 

Outside all the Christmas trees were lined up in a row ready to be purchased. 

I've had a mix of busy work things to sort (a whole day on Wednesday working on a global budget which still isn't quite done), time at home crafting and sorting and time with people whether it be a message, a phone call, or meet up and to be honest it has been lovely. 

I've received some fabulous cards from people - Gina thank you, your card is beautiful and will be kept in my Christmas journal xxx

I had a phone call from a long lost childhood friend and we talked for an hour about life the universe and everything. 

I had a message from a school friend telling me that my annual newsletter had been kept, read and savoured and she could see how she was going to make her way through her busiest day of the year as a result.  It is always lovely to hear that I've made a difference, sometimes in life we don't know what ripples occur when we say or do something, so if there is anything to be in life it is definitely to be kind. 

I had a night out with the ladies from the close we live on, thankfully there were three of us not drinking so I didn't feel too conspicuous drinking lime and soda.  It was a brilliant night out which I thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to our next catch up. 

I made friends with a long lost relative on Facebook, so that was another positive, really and truly this week has been one about connection. 

I had a mammoth catch up with my Mum on the phone yesterday and then saw her in person and my brother yesterday afternoon, albeit only for a short spell. 

So overall a positive, communicative week. 

I have also enjoyed just relaxing on the sofa, where I captured this photo. 

And that my lovely people is your lot, I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joining in pop back and link up. 

Friday, 7 December 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 49th of 2018

Good morning lovely people tis Friday time for 

Well this week sees the turn of the month and into December we meander.  Following notes in last year's journal, we decided to put the decorations up over a few days, to prevent it taking a whole day and to prevent any general grumpiness. 

Here are the stair lights (Alice in Wonderland themed), which were the first to be completed. 

I decided this was rather apt as I sorted the Harry Potter tree in the dining room. 

And this was one of the boxes that I opened, which made me smile. 

I joined the Adventurers on UK Scrappers, receiving my crafty advent calendar well in advance of the big day. 

Saturday found us enjoying a trip to Kelham Island, they normally have a Victorian Market, this year they called it the Magical Makers Emporium, which had much fewer stalls than previous years, which is sad because it is one of our Christmas traditions and we missed last year due to said 18 year old working! 

Because it wasn't such a great trip to Kelham, we hopped off the tram on the way back and headed to the Cutlers Hall for the Etsy Made Local fayre, free entry and stall upon stall of beautiful crafty goodness. 

Look at the beautiful ceiling

We made our way back and headed directly to the Christmas tree festival at the local church.  The theme this year was countries. 

They are decorated by local groups and organisations, both adult and children, you get to vote for your favourite tree in both adult and child category.  The church was beautifully lit too. 

I always love to see how individuals create the decorations in the theme, I can't remember which country the drum was on, but I loved the design! 

Spain had melting Dali clocks which we loved

Don't they look pretty! 

The community centre next door had a Christmas fayre on so we went for a wander, I got a couple of 'free' gift bags one of which contained these cute marshmallows!

The local garden centre has this stunning display on, we went for a look at their Christmas decorations as they are always beautiful!

The Harry Potter trees completed this year, yes trees, I wanted a white tree this year in 4 foot, hubby brought me 2 x 3 foot trees to see if that worked, which it didn't, so I ordered the 4 foot tree with the intention of returning the 3 foot trees, but then said 18 year old mentioned having all three and that was it, so this year's window display!

The TV room has two trees, the first down the TV end

And the other up by the woodburning stove. 

Hubby decided to bake a stollen on Sunday (first time ever), to say it was delicious is an understatement and we've enjoyed a piece of it, each evening warmed in the microwave. 

Monday was unfortunately a very very very sad day, I'd been at work and got a call from my Mum when I got home, my Uncle Chris, my Godfather had passed away suddenly at home.  He was only 64 years old and it has been utterly devastating.  

My Mum is one of 10 and all of them survived childhood (unlike siblings in my Dad's family), my Uncle Chris is the first of the 10 siblings to pass.  He was one of those larger than life characters, it didn't matter how much time had passed since you'd last seen him, he was always chatty and fun to be around.  He adored and wrote poetry, an avid Beatles fan he leaves behind 4 children and 7 grandchildren and a whole wealth of people who really aren't coming to terms with the fact he isn't here any more, including me.  My heart is broken.  He was there for me when my own Dad passed away when he was only 40 year's old, he was one of those that stayed after everyone else resumed their normal life and we didn't know how to carry on.  I will be forever grateful for that precious time with him and for how much he looked after us all, particularly my Mum, as you can imagine she too is devastated. 

This is a photo taken by one of his son's at said 18 year old's birthday party in September, from left to right my Aunty Rebecca, my Uncle Chris, my Step-dad Shaun, my Uncle John and my Mum.  It will be a photo I cherish forever.  So why is it in my rocking post, because I'm grateful to have been able to call him my Uncle and Godfather, I'm grateful that he reminded me that life is about family and love and connections, not monetary material things.  He liked the simple things in life and for this he will always be remembered. 

The rest of the week has been hard as you can imagine, however, my sister brightened my day the other day when she brought me flowers when she came to visit, I rarely have flowers at this time of year, so it has made a lovely change and brightened up the dining table. 

And finally said 18 year old, he never ceases to amaze me, he has a really strong work ethic, so once he was set a live brief recently he set to with great enthusiasm to create Wentworth Church ready to be installed in the Christmas grotto at Wentworth Woodhouse this weekend, I am quite rightly very very proud of his achievements! 

And that my lovely people is your lot this week, I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we can come and visit. 

Friday, 30 November 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 48th of 2018

Afternoon peeps, first up a huge I mean a HUGE apology for the delay in posting last week, in being so efficient and ready I stupidly saved the post rather than published it and only realised my error on Monday so many many apologies, once I'd realised I published and linked up - so sorry!

Anyway after my grovelling apology you are surely here to see what has been

So I'm also going to apologise for a lack of photos, in essence last weekend saw me 'empty' my phone of photos leaving lots of memory and then putting them on the cloud, now I have in excess of 7000 photos to wade through to sort for my next photo order.  As a result of this, I literally didn't take any photos over the weekend (as it took forever to sort).  So you are going to have to imagine what it looked like.

First up having Friday off, it was lovely to have a day off, despite it being called black Friday and knowing just how bad the shops would be I did venture to the local shopping centre as I had things to sort.  But wisely, I went very very early, so I was leaving as the throngs of people arrived!

I spent Friday making Christmas gifts, just a token gesture for work colleagues having seen something similar on Pinterest, but it kept me busy and amused for quite a few hours it has to be said.

Me and hubby then headed to Ikea as I wanted to pick up a couple of things, said 18 year was working so we left him to get ready.  We decided very naughtily to have our tea there whilst we were out, the meal itself was just about pointable on Weight Watchers, but the cake was off the chart, needless to say had I checked before I bought perhaps I would have chosen a little more wisely, but the cake was lovely and it was nice to break the working week with hubby.

Saturday saw us with a trip to the theatre, there was a touring company bringing Macbeth, it was the version (although different actors), to the one we'd seen at the cinema live streamed in the summer.  My Mum and sister also came to see it with us along with a tired said 18 year old and his girlfriend.  The production was every bit as good as the one we'd seen earlier in the year, with the added benefit of atmosphere (you know the one you always get in theatres).  This particular performance was captioned to aid those poor of hearing (of which one is my Mum), I hadn't booked it for that reason particularly.  My Mum found it helpful, but I must say I found the orange lights from the words very distracting, whilst I can see the benefit of the captioning I don't think I'll be in a hurry to book another one.  However, the performance was fantastic.

Afterwards, we had a wander around the Christmas market, I noticed at either end of the street huge blocks of concrete had been placed to prevent any issues, I suppose it is a sign of the times, but whilst the Christmas cabins looked beautiful the concrete blocks left a little to be desired, however they did keep us safe.  I really enjoyed walking and having a nosy at all the stalls

Oh I've just found some of the photos, so this was on the way back from the theatre, they have set up one of these wheels temporarily and it looked so pretty with all its lights.

Then the lights inside the peace gardens provided a few photo opportunities, first up the giant bauble. 

And then a rather scary snowman

And a giant parcel

We walked up and got this selfie

And another (much better) one inside the parcel itself

My Mum and sister had been literally laughing out loud as my sister attempted to get a decent photo of the two of them. 

Which led to lots of laughter. 

Sunday was a quieter day, and at the last minute I remembered that it was stir it up Sunday, so I purchased the missing fruit elements and made one Christmas pudding, hubby was soaking some fruit to make a Christmas cake, so the house smelt of Christmas. 

Monday I spent a huge amount of time sorting cards, our annual newsletter etc and decided to type up everyone's card, don't ask me why I've no idea, I now have two carrier bags full of cards to send out in the post and yes before you ask it costs me a pretty penny but it is something I've always done and I know for some people our annual newsletter has becoming something of a Christmas tradition for them!

We had an impromptu visit from my niece who had popped back down from uni for a flying visit, it was fantastic to catch up with her and my sister is looking fantastic, so that definitely brightened my week! 

Hubby and said 18 year old got all the decorations out of the loft and we have been putting up the decorations all week, my note last year was to not do them in one day as it leads to grumpy people!  So we've had a leisurely week of putting them up, first the stair garland, then one of the TV room trees, the lads put the other up last night whilst I was at my work's Christmas do and then today I've done the dining room ones and said 18 year old is finishing off upstairs with his. 

Then there are a few sets of lights for the bushes in the front garden and then we should be done. 

I managed to have a few conversations last week with people on line when I was checking addresses, which was lovely and that definitely brightened my day. 

I hope you've had a great week. 

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we can come and visit. 

Monday, 26 November 2018

Rocking Your World Friday - 47th of 2018

Good Morning Lovely People, tis Friday time for 

Well the weather is definitely turning cooler and we found ourselves looking for something to do last weekend, we decided to head back to Chatsworth as their Christmas fayre had opened, we know of old that we needed to get there early in order to be able to get to the stalls. 

We had a lovely few hours wandering up and down, chatting to the stallholders and trying a few of the items.  

I bought a sour cherry, hibiscus and red grape cordial for Christmas, hubby got a couple of bottles of beer from a Stone based brewery.  We also got some flavoured salt grinders from a Scottish company and had a fabulous chat with an amazing lady on the crystal stall! 

It was good for the soul! 

We decided (given that we are members), to enjoy another walk around the house minus main camera to enjoy the decorations, this was the only photo I took before we got to the sculpture gallery (where my phone's battery had died last week).  

There were a few additions this week, including the technology working better this week, including the magic mirror in the sculpture gallery.

Outside, it was dry and cool, we grabbed a cuppa and pasty and sat in Flora's temple to enjoy, before we went for a walk around the gardens. 

The copper colours are at a premium at the moment, but the walking lady statue in the trees must be haunting if you see it at night! 

The view down the valley is amazing! 

We grabbed a selfie in the bright sunshine!

The coppers were beautiful looking down towards the ornamental pond

We found a different viewpoint of the maze for a change

And had a great view of the house up by the weeping willow tree

I don't think I've ever seen the cascade empty! 

As the day grew to a close, we headed back out of the garden.

On the way home the colours were stunning! 

With fabulous edge of the world shots at the top!

It was a fabulous day and we really enjoyed it, overall the weekend was lovely albeit quiet. 

Monday morning I arranged to meet my sister for a catch up, she'd come over on the Sunday for a catch up, but I was making the most of her having some annual leave! 

We met in Ikea (I was very good and had a fruit salad), we sat and chatted for a few hours and said 18 year old came with us. 

The rest of the week has been mighty busy, work was busy busy busy but that's always the case.

Today being Thursday I've taken a day's lieu time and enjoyed working on homemade Christmas gifts which I can't share until a later point in the year. 

I hope you've all had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in pop back and link up and we can come and visit.